Izu Village

Where to get your Japanese hot pot, Just off George St, not far from Town Hall, keep your eye out for the signs and make your way up the stairs to Izu Village.


It’s a spacious restaurant with wood tables complete with a modern hot pot stove in the centre. There’s also a number of Japanese themed booths with tiled roofs, to give you the feeling of streets of Kyoto.


We were visiting for the Japanese hot pot experience. For 90 minutes, we are treated to the full experience. The cost of this hot pot buffet is $68 pp. This includes fresh sashimi, which has some amazing scampi!


Diners then order from the menu, Sashimi can only be ordered once. We then selected a mix of sushi and really enjoyed this.


Then, select a broth for your hot pot. We thoroughly recommend the Sukiyaki a traditional Japanese broth, which is super flavoursome and served with a side of raw egg to dip your meat in. We also had porcini mushroom, there us plenty of variety, including chilli based broths if you like it spicy or tomato broths, if chilli is not your thing.


Fill yourself a bowl of veggies, noodles and tofu from the self-serve buffet and put the ingredients in the hot pot and let the cooking begin. We really enjoyed the wide range of mushrooms available for the dish.


There are plenty of quality cuts to choose from – wagyu chuck, wagyu shoulder, pork shoulder and lamb. The thin slices of quality meat only needs to short dip in their hot broth Jacuzzi, before being ready to eat. It is fool proof, anyone can do it.


There’s also a refillable drink station for your non alcoholic drinks, which is included, you may need all the refills of soft drink, Calpis and juices if you go for the spicy broth.


If you want alcohol you can order it at an extra cost, there’s sake, umeshu, Japanese whisky, beer and wine.


The staff were super efficient and helpful and food came out really fast. Japanese is our favourite cuisine and we really enjoyed our visit to Izu Village for the hot pot.

Izu Village 伊豆野菜村 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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