Japan Supernatural

The Art Gallery of NSW currently has a cool exhibition on display, entitled “Japan Supernatural”. This art has plenty of cool pieces of art about Japanese folklore, fantasy  and a little gore. It can also be described as “Avant-Garde”.

It’s a little different to the art you might ordinarily see on display there, with intriguing pictures of supernatural beings, spirits, and other features like skulls, monsters, and goblins.

There are different types of art including light displays, scrolls, photographs, woodblock prints and full wall features.

There are over 180 works on display from the 17th century to today. Some of the artists include Toriyama Sekien and Takashi Murakami.

There are plenty of captions to read about the artworks, but you can also take the free audio experience using a device. There is a gift shop at the end if you wish to purchase a memory of your visit.

It will remain on show until 8 March, 2020. If you’re an art fan, it’s worth checking out. Adults $25 entrance fee.

Art Gallery of NSW 

Art Gallery Road

Sydney NSW 2000


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