52Hz Whale 🐳

We were in Rosebery and Kurt was after some Bubble Tea, so we looked up google and found 52Hz Whale next to Woolworths Metro.

The whale-themed bubble tea shop has very cute and cozy interiors with velveteen chairs, whale plushies and all decor has the whale evident, such as in their wall design and hanging pendants.

I enquire with the staff member as to the interesting name. She tells me that the 52 Hertz whale is a special whale that calls to the unusual frequency of 52 Hz. This means it is unable to communicate with other whales, and as such has been described as the loneliest whale in the ocean. She said they called it this because they’re wanting people to learn and aim to make friends with as many people as possible through their products. We think that’s a sweet story.

We order a fruit tea with tapioca balls and we like that the fruit in this one seemed fresh (some places we go use powder). It was a good tea and nice and flavoursome, with your chosen level of sugar and ice.

The store is also selling via multiple delivery platforms.

We found the service to be excellent. Looking forward to returning.

52Hz Whale

26 Confectioners Way, Rosebery, 2018

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