Billy Kwong: Chinese with a touch of bush tucker by Kylie Kwong



Billy Kwong by Kylie Kwong one of Australia’s most famous chefs. We had been to the previous site on Crown St Surry Hills and were looking forward to visiting the new restaurant site in Potts point. We actually spotted Kylie sitting at the bar busily working away.

We stopped in on a Sunday afternoon for lunch. On first impression the restaurant seemed to be alot larger than their previous site. There is a large bar with seating where you can sample some of their bespoke beverages. There is a row of tables with bench seating around the perimeter and a number of smaller tables in the middle.
We visited as a threesome and were seated at one of the smaller tables. As we were sharing it made serving a little difficult, through out the meal we were continually shuffling glasses, bottles and plates to make space.

We started with the drinks list, which was interesting. With a number of bespoke beverages including wines beer and cider. We had a farmhouse ambigua from Tasmania, which is a refreshing sour beer that was a nice pairing for the food we ordered. We also had the farmhouse cider by Young Henry’s in collaboration with Billy Kwong, this cider was also a little sour and went well with the food.

The menu is a little pricey, it is Chinese inspired and is combined with Native Australian bush ingredients. I am always fascinated by Native ingredients, it is great to see them being used more these days. Even better knowing that the restaurant ethos is ethical and sustainable eating.
The dim sum was very tasty, we loved the mini pork buns with roof top honey and the steamed vegetable with warrigal green dumplings. The pork, ginger and mushroom sung choi bao was nice.

For our substantials we ordered the steamed snapper fillet with ginger, spring onions and shiro shoyu. It was ok, but I would probably go with something else next time. We shared the stir fried thick noodles with XO and Chinese cabbage, a very flavoursome dish. We also accompanied the meal with stirfried asparagus, zuccini flours and baby kale which was flavoured garlic and shiro shoyu.

Would recommend coming here for the dim sum and for the bespoke beverages.

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