What to see in Jerusalem

There are four quarters inside Jerusalem's old city which all have different things to see. It is larger than you think so make sure you have a map! •The Christian quarter • The Muslim quarter • The Jewish quarter • The Armenian quarter Transport The light rail here is easy but make sure you have … Continue reading What to see in Jerusalem

Massaya Restaurant – modern Middle Eastern cuisine

Massaya Restaurant offers authentic Lebanese food as well as modern Middle Eastern and Western dishes. Located in Strathfield in the west of Sydney, it's only about 30 mins drive from the central CBD. Massaya Restaurant occupies a large space that is well suited and capable for functions, events and large family get togethers, it also … Continue reading Massaya Restaurant – modern Middle Eastern cuisine

What to do on in Tel Aviv on Shabbat?

For International travelers who are not accustomed to Jewish tradition, you may not be familiar with Shabbat. It is A Jewish holy day or a day of rest. From Sundown Friday (approx 3pm) til Saturday approx 5/6pm (sometimes later), places close operation. Many businesses, services, and restaurants are unavailable including transport. Whilst Tel Aviv is … Continue reading What to do on in Tel Aviv on Shabbat?