Comfort food @Broadway Crown

Broadway on Crown is a pub and dining space which can be found in the busy area of Broadway, Chippendale.


Only a stones throw from Broadway shopping centre, Chippendale precinct, Sydney University and the CBD, you will find this place buzzing with crowds. Uni students and young people enjoying an after work drink and the food and drinks menu caters to this crowd well. 


The pub has a large bar with fully stocked drinks and special cocktails. There are plenty of interesting cocktail concoctions. We tried the ‘White Chocolate Passionfruit’ of Passionfruit Syrup, cake infused vodka topped with white chocolate drops. We loved the sweetness to this drink – a must for dessert lovers.


We also had the light and refreshing ‘Vera Green’ and you can recharge with the fresh cucumber, aloe Vera, gin and limoncello.


On the menu is the ever popular ‘Fairy Floss Martini’ made with Raspberry and Vodka and topped with Rose Fairy Floss. There is also the ‘Smashin Passion’ – Amaretto and Rum & Passionfruit  & a ‘Blood Orange Margarita’ – a zesty twist on your favourite – 100 % Agave Tequilla, Vanilla and Blood Orange Syrup. 


Broadway on Crown also has your regular favourites such as espresso martini’s, aperol spritz, mojito, negronis and the much loved old fashioned.

The cocktails are reasonably priced at $16 or if you can get in for happy hour on Monday -Friday from 4-7pm, the cocktails are reduced to $12. 


Food wise, the menu is packed with crowd pleasers like chicken wings, wedges, pizzas, burgers, pastas and schnitzels! Your ultimate comfort food and the perfect food to accompany a night of drinks!


We tried the fried cauliflower starter and a different take on the chicken parmigiana – a huge chicken schnitzel topped with chorizo, melted cheese and hash browns! We managed to defeat it extremely satisfied by the end! We appreciated the side salad of rocket, cabbage and tomato as well as roast veggies. 



We also enjoyed a grain fed sirloin steak (250g) with thick fries and side salad.


Probably one of the more quality steaks we’ve had in a pub. 

This pub hosts events and set menus from $39 pizza parties – $49 sit down meals – book online for events like Melbourne cup!

On Mondays, $21 for a Parmy and a pour (425 ml schooner if cricketers arms) and there’s plenty of other deals so check out their website. 


Clever and creative dishes @ at_neutral

Tipped off by a fellow foodie and coffee lover @sakinav, we decided to meet for brunch in Neutral Bay. The area is a hub of places to eat and thus its tough as a new addition to the scene. However, we’re sure at_neutral will have no trouble, with their creative and culinary flair added to each dish. Here, you won’t find your typical eggs on toast with a side of bacon nor fairy floss atop your pancakes, rather some very sophisticated brunch options.

IMG_8948 (1)

Its decor is clean and stylish with grey and wooden tones, geometric tiles and greenery. We sat on a table outside to enjoy the sunshine and take in all the action of the cafe. If you’re planning on paying a visit, get in early as it has already become popular.

IMG_8947 (1)

Staff are on their game, despite it being their first cafe venture. They’re all super friendly and efficient. We begin with coffees, and they use Gabriel’s, one we do quite like.

After perusing the menu, we are stuck on what to order, with all options looking extremely enticing. Whilst the banana bread with honeycomb butter was calling our name, we slected a few larger dishes to share.


The apple and coconut chilled oats, with house made granola, seasonal fruit and rhubarb consomme was a lovely healthy dish and beautifully presented, with the consomme served in a small jar to pour at your leisure.

IMG_8939 (1)

If you’re into the cool healthy options, the cacao infused chia would also be a good choice.

We then had the mushrooms atop a carrot and cardamon puree at incredibly amazing bread, served with spiced blacberry. We could not fault this in any way. It would certainly be a dish to re-order.

IMG_8941 (1)

One cannot go without ordering truffle scrumbled eggs, served on the same amazing bread and presented with greens. Aesthetically appealing and stomach satisfying.


We’re always fans of ordering healthy options where possible, and the poached chicken salad with puffed rice, quinoa, soft herbs, greends, tomato and radish with an edamame pesto was light and refreshing, whilst also being extremely tasty.


If you’re bringing the family, there’s options for children too and a number of solid toasties for the bigger eaters.

We recommend this cafe for those who like brunch options that are a bit more interesting than your run of the mill cafe.

Find them on Instagram @at_neutral

Located at 9 Rangers Road, Neutral Bay, NSW

Bang! Bangladeshi Street Food

Bang! That’s a cool name for a restaurant – kind of appropriate for a Bangladeshi restaurant, just the first four letters of its national origin. Wonder if this way of naming a restaurant could apply to other types of cusine, I guess it could, but maybe not quite as good. Anyway, this place has been doing its thing in Surry Hills for a while now and we were surprised we’ve never heard of it, nor crossed its path until now. It is know for Bangladeshi street food. Strolling the streets of Surry Hills the restaurant is kinda unassuming, for a name like Bang, they could do with some signage that has some Bang, and some Neon could work.


Once inside, you’d be hard pressed guessing this is a Bangladeshi street food restaurant, the place looks more like a fine dining restaurant, it was quite refined, with a suave modern feel. Much like their take on Bangladeshi street food, the menu items, although street food inspired, were refined. With technique and quality presentation. This place also had an exciting wine list that, with some excellent wine from Portugal that paired nicely with the food on offer. Can’t say we have visited many restaurants serving Portugese wine.

The food at Bang was extremely tasty, not too heavy and not too much spice, just enough to hit your taste buds with a flavoursome spice kick. Upon viewing the menu it was noticed that there was a starter of peanuts for $2 and that all proceeds donated to the Fred Hollow’s Foundation. Great to see a restaurant giving back and we happily obliged.


Upon further viewing of the menu, the honey roasted paneer instantly stood out as a dish to order and that instinct proving correct, as it was an excellent option.


The soft shell crab was another top option with the spicy chilli achar providing that flavoursome bang along with some welcomed sweetness.


There were many hits amongst the starters, the briyani arancini another quality option.


The Tandoori Lamb cutlets are a must, they were perfectly cooked, the spice and herbs combining for some more bang and amazing flavour.


We love a good Korma and the oven roasted, spiced duck was the pick of the mains. The meat perfectly prepared very enjoyable dipped in that rich sweetness of the korma.


We also tried the wagyu brisket which was incredible.


This was excellent dining experience with tasty food and equally tasty wine and good service. It was enjoyed in a nice setting with great company where_do_i_eat_pete and eatwithmyfoodsafari. Thanks to Pete, who is brand ambassador for Eat Club which allowed for a good discount on our meal, check it out!

Where to get a good pub feed & a T-Bone Steak Burger @ Burwood Hotel

The recently refurbished Burwood Hotel is smack bang in the middle of the Burwood Chinatown food precinct.


This hotel offers quality pub grub at a good price. The menu is a little more exciting than your standard pub fare. With an American inspired menu, including some pimped out burgers.


They have a 1kg pot of mussels as an ongoing special, ranging between $10-$15 dollars, with a choice of sauce and differing spice levels; lemon and pepper, cajun and if you like it hot, the spicy Korean Chilli. We opted for the medium spice level, which was a tasty cajun sauce.


Speaking of Cajun, the fried Jalepeno poppers were a great starter and an even better share plate. They were huge and used fresh Jalepenos that weren’t too spicy.


But you must try the burgers. The dry aged t-bone burger is not only a cool looking burger with a T-bone as a crown, it was also super tasty. The use of the t-bone making this a fancy cheese burger with a nicely spiced, freshly ground meat patty, American cheese, ketchup, mustard, onion and fried onion for some crunchy texture. Due to the quality cut of meat used it’s a little pricey at $19, but well worth it as it is a delicious burger. They were also advertising a Wagyu beef burger for $16, which seems like pretty good value.


The Burwood Hotel has a nice comfortable modern dining space with friendly staff. They have also added a bit of excitement with some great American menu options, whilst still catering to those who love those pub classics. It is well worth a visit for a drink and a feed with friends.


Burwood Hotel

121-123 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134

Central Restaurante @ Lima, Peru

There’s a reason why it’s in top 50 restaurants in the world. Especially top 10. Because it is downright amazing, that’s why.

Our reason for visiting Lima was so that we could stay overnight so we wouldnt miss our next flight out of Peru. Upon our journey through South America, it was bought to our attention that Lima was not just a stop over, it was a Gastronomy standout in South America with numerous restaurants featuring amongst the best in the world.

Whilst on a surf adventure in Northern Peru, we met a Spanish gent who worked in the mining industry and lived in the trendy Lima suburb of Barranco and discussed the dining options in Lima. Central was one of his recommendations, it turned out to be ranked the sixth best restaurant in the world. We did not have a booking and the last seating was at 1:30 pm, which was the time we arrived.

The restaurant pretty much had a welcoming committee, who thankfully advised that we were not too late to dine somewhere ons ite. The site housed two restaurants and a bar. One being the Vergilio Martìnez Véliz restaurant Central, the other a restaurant Kjoller created by his wife Pía and the bar called Mayo. We were politely advised the lunch was fully booked and opted for a seat at the bar to look at the menus of both Kjolle and Mayo. The cocktails on the drink menu sounded pretty inviting and whilst milling over what to eat, I thankfully decided on the ceviche at the bar. Thankfully because the Bass cevice, with clam, citrus juice roasted white onion chips happened to be best cevice we consumed on the whole trip. The cocktails were also amazing.


The ceviche had arrived, and the waiter had obviously heard our strong desire to eat at Central, and advised that there was a cancellation and there was the possibility of us dining in Central. He disappeared for a short moment and returned with news that the stars had aligned. There was a fair amount of luck involved, but that is how we walked into one of the worlds top restaurants without a booking. We highly appreciate the staff member going out of his way to help us!


We have already established the cocktails were good, the espresso martini was one of the better versions we have sipped on. They also had some cool beer on the menu, can’t say that I’d ever thought there would be a home brew on the menu at a fine dining restaurant. Anyway we don’t mind a beer, a pale ale is usually the beer of choice. The Blur home brew pale ale, was ordered. It had plenty of hop and a unique spice, a great pale ale.


The ethos of Central and chef Véliz is to display local ingredients, the biodiversity of Peru and put each of the microclimates on a plate. We have been fortunate enough to dine at a number of fine dining restaurants,  including a few in the top restaurants list. Central is by far the best fine dining meal we have enjoyed to date. The 12 course dining menu was flawless. NOTE – there is a 17 course menu, but we only had time for the 12. This place amazingly reflecting Peru on a plate, with some out there and unusual ingredients and creative plating.

We outline the dishes below for your perusal:

1 A great start, the main ingredient was clam, the dish looked like little orange pillow sitting on a rock with flowers on top. This morsel exploded with citrus and clam once bitten into.



2 Contrasting textures of Catctus fruit, root veg crisps and the urchin roe with citrus mousse. The texture and flavour of the urchin roe and citrus mousse was sheer decadence.


3 Yellow mushrooms dish had a flavour that remined me of toast with butter. The black mushrooms were served on a sweet blackened cruton with pickled mushshroom, sour cream and chives, this dish had perfect balance of flavours and a great contrast to the yellow mushroom dish.



4 The duck leg tartar was nicely spiced served with a citric cream, the knife skills were very impressive, the duck carved into minuscule cubes. Using Jungle potato to make bread which was grey in colour and serve with a cacao butter with cacao and a butter made with 3 types of jungle tomatoe.


5 A refreshing dish of Pepino melon scallops, a creamy citrus ceviche, with mild melon flavour that had a nashi pear like texture. A great palate cleanser.


6 The oco tumbo, made with a legume cheese. This dish was a bean dish that was gnocchi like and server with tranparent crisps. The dish had a nice sweetness and earthy flavour.


7 Another light dish of avocado and river prawns that were very juicy and melt in your mouth, served with toasted black and orange corn, the savoury prawn broth providing a big hit of flavours.


8 The pirahna dish! This was the scariest and coolest plating we have come across. The crisp pirahna skin with juka, extravagantly plated atop of 5 pirahna heads. Eat or be eaten.



9 The Octopus had a sweet flavour and was very tender and served with sea lettuce that was prepared like kale chips


10 Slow cooked baby goat with olluco, which had a subtle caramel flavour, the goat amazingly tender. The goat flavour infused in to every item in the dish.


11, Mountain rain, choc clay, coca leaf granada and powder, gel, thick chocolate paste. As you can imagine this dessert nicely following on from the goat with rich, bold flavours and texture.


12 A palate cleanser that is a medicinal plant drink, containing algae from a high altitude lake. This was very refreshing and a great end to the meal.


This degustation is a perfectly orchestrated dining affair. Each dish compliments the next. This meal was a food journey through Peru in one sitting. Highly recommended if you are intending on visiting Lima. Make sure you book well in advance.

Central Restaurante

Avenida Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco, Lima 15063

Where to enjoy Good Food Month out west? Parramatta Lanes

In 5 years, this event has grown from a turn out of 6000 to 100,000 last year! We’re sure crowds would have been just as big, if not bigger. This year, Parramatta Lanes, organised by the City of Parramatta alchemises 8 lanes, carparks and spaces into a radiating light show and creative canvas for creatives.


Image credit: city of Parramatta


Boasting 45 food outlets, 6 bars and rooftop rollerskating rink, the four day event running from 9 to 12 October every night from 5pm provides a playground for the city’s creatives in a massive showcase of culinary comforts and performing arts prowess.


Explore the maze of laneways and immerse yourself in abstract art installations, groove to the sounds of DJs and live entertainment while snacking on the gourmet street foods, cocktails and craft beer on offer.


Image credit: @mattaparra


Aird Street:
Flipp Burgers, Espresso Warriors, Mr Black, Katerin Sabbath, Archie Rose Distilling Co.


St John’s Cathedral
Diego’s Donuts, Adora Handmade Chocolates, Good Food Union, Balls, Frencheese

Centenary Square
StroopBros, Nutie  Donuts, Sacred Seed, Eat Art Truck, Happy As Larry, Sofrito, Braza, Churrascaria, Middle Eastern Street Food

Parramatta Mission Cafe
Daisy’s Milkbar Pop-up

Horwood Place
Superior Burger, Little Lagos, Lat-Dior African Eatery, Jamaican Delight, Uncle Kurt’s

The Rooftop Eat Street Carpark
Gelato Messina, Pimp My Donut, Butter Sydney, BL Burgers, Two Good Co., Mitch Orr pop-up, WatsOn Events Bar


Image credit: city of parramatta 


Image credit: city of Parramatta

Roxy Carpark
Chilli & Grains, 2 Boys In Saris, O!momo, Chatkazz, Temasek Restaurant


Shiso Fine, Korean BBQ, Koi Dessert Bar, Kensington Street Chippendale, Duo Duo Ice Cream, Arisun Restaurant, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart


Image credit: city of Parramatta 

Dirrabarri Lane                                      

The Nighthawk Diner, Sweethark Diner, 2 Smoking Barrels, Waroo Lamb, Torch Me Creme Brulee, Park Royal, The Carter Sydney

Erby Place
The Coffee Emporium Australia

University of New England
Callan Smith pop-up
A range of party spaces ranging from chilled to wild, the City of Parramatta’s commitment to sustainability couches the event with no single-use cups, plastic straws or drinking bottles throughout the festival


Image credit: city of Parramatta

The final night is on tonight, October 12, so make sure you get down there and don’t miss out.

Parramatta Lanes

hosted by City of Parramatta
Tuesday 9 October until Friday 12 October from 5pm

Download the map here:
Joseph Lloyd, Contributor

Poultry, Sultry, Booze and fun when Whirly Bird turns one!

Whirlybird is the name and fried chicken is their game. This bar and restaurant specialises in poultry, booze and a touch of sultry.


Image credit: Ashley Marr

Whirlybird recently turned one and we learnt that they can also throw one hell of a party. Their large Cabaret styled venue accomodating a large crowd embracing the celebration.


Image credit: Ashley Marr

With a large number of people congregating around the bar, the bar tenders were on point keeping up with demand. Their fully stocked bar busily pumping out a range of beer, wine, champagne and a range of quality cocktails.


Image credit: Ashley Marr

There was also some incredible chicken to nibble on, served with some tasty sides. There was a disappearing act with the mini burger pyramid stacks. They were crazy popular, now you see em and now you don’t.


The food and drinks were perfect for this party, allowing you to take in the entertainment and socialise. There were plenty of food and lifestyle folk enjoying what the evening had to offer.

Image credit: Ashley Marr

The entertainment was going off, the band did a good job to engage the punters. Having said that they were upstaged by the Burlesque performance, the ladies putting on a classy striptease that drew the crowd in with a magnetic like pull.

Image credit: Ashley Marr

Good news – the venue transforms into the Birdcage on a Saturday night, with an adult’s only evening filled with fun, food, booze and burlesque.


Image credit: Ashley Marr

Whirlybird and the Society Group sure know how to throw a party. A great night had by all, enjoyed in cool venue, with drinks flowing and some finger lickin chicken. Check into this sultry, poultry, bar and restaurant.

Image credit: Ashley Marr

Whirly Bird Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

All day brekkie in Liverpool @ Ristretto & Co

Once a hole in the wall strictly serving coffee and a few sweets, Ristretto & Co. has evolved into a café hotspot for locals in Sydney’s South-West on Northumberland Street Liverpool. A small walkway through the cafe’s busy kitchen takes you out to a quaint, rustic style courtyard to sit, relax and enjoy a coffee & brunch with friends to escape the busyness of the world outside.


Ristretto & Co. is a local favourite, renowned for its seamless Campos coffee and menu offering a wide all day breakfast menu.


We chose a couple of favourites and were recommended to try the waffles – every instagrammers dream!


We enjoyed corn and zucchini fritters with aioli, avocado salsa and a poached egg, which had a lovely crunch, yet were still light and fluffy on the inside. The serving was very generous so despite being full, was hard to resist finishing.


We also had the smashed avo (with a side of bacon) just to lighten things up which was nice and fresh with the hint of lemon.


To satisfy our sweet tooth, we tried some waffles served with vanilla gelato, shredded coconut, salted caramel sauce, fresh berries, maple syrup & Persian pashmak! The presentation of this dish was beautiful with the popping colours of the berries atop the glistening maple syrup and the delicate pashmak on the top. It was hard to pull this one apart! Although this was very sweet, the flavours and textures worked well together and left us very satisfied.


We thoroughly recommend visiting Ristretto for an amazing breakfast/brunch.

Ristretto & Co Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Where to get Vegan food in Melbourne @ Melbourne Vegan Food tours

Everyone knows that Melbourne is the place for eating and drinking. There’s countless cafes and bars for you to choose from. And, with the rise of the Vegan movement, this means more restaurants opening to cater to Vegan diners. How do you know where to go? You can spend hours scrolling through Instagram or google to choose a place that inspires you. Now, by joining a food tour, you can get readily available information about new places to visit with all that research done for you!


Melbourne Vegan Tours, the brainchild of Jessica Ivers and Dan Pinne take you on the journey of your palate through the streets of Melbourne, in particular, Fitzroy.

For $89, each tour will take you on a 3 hour journey down Brunswick street, stopping at 4-5 locations and sampling food at places such as Vegie Bar, Tahina, Vegan style, Fina’s and the Cruelty free shop. Your ticket price includes starters, shared main meals, dessert and a drink.


You will hear the story behind each business and being a small tour, it is in a personal setting.


It’s not just about the food. You can meet other likeminded people, socialise and share the journey with.


What an enjoyable way to spend your Saturday!

For information and bookings:

Email –
Email –
Instagram – melbvegantours
Website –

Western Sydney Beach @ Macarthur Beach Club

So you thought you would need to travel into Sydney for a taste of the beach! Now you can get a beach club vibe in the heart of Campbelltown, Western Sydney at Macarthur Square.


Image credit Ash Marr

Macarthur Square is a huge entertainment precinct with shopping, bars, restaurants, ten pin bowling, the cinema, and now it has been transformed into A BEACH. Macarthur Beach Club has launched and it is open daily until Sunday evening of the 14th October.


Image credit Greg Fonne

Take the kids down for fun school holiday activities such as a huge bright blue ball “sea” pit, sandpit and deckchairs. What a unique way to have fun in your own “backyard”, western Sydney siders.


Image credit Greg Fonne

When you pay a beach a visit, you also must order an icecream, right? Well here, everyweekend you can find one of 200 “credit cards” buried deep within the sandpit. These credit cards are redeemable for a free ice-cream from the ice cream ATM. How cool is that? From “The Scoop Gelato” you can get that sugar fix on your summer escape!


Image credit Ash Marr


Image credit Greg Fonne

Worth a visit too for those wanting to snap a new insta pic!

This Saturday 6th will be a beauty event hosted by Michelle Crossan to get us ready in time for summer. On from 3pm-4:15, get down for some beauty tips.

On the final weekend of the beach, on Saturday 13th, there’s also a giant sand sculpture reveal so don’t miss out on that.

Macarthur Square Shopping Centre

Kellicar Lane, Macarthur Square