El Patron @ Gregory Hills

I’m originally from the South West and when living there back then there weren’t too many dining venues to choose from. In my early adulthood I moved to the city and became accustomed to plenty of entertainment and was never short on finding a good place to eat out. When I heard there was a … Continue reading El Patron @ Gregory Hills

Ren Ishii

If you didn’t know the restaurant was here, you probably wouldn’t just stumble across it, for Ren Ishii is located in the bottom of a neighbourhood apartment block. However, do make it a priority to head to Ramsgate and try out this excellent Japanese Restaurant. Despite its inconspicuous location, it seems to have everyone talking, … Continue reading Ren Ishii

Mia Dolci Italiani

Former Rockpool executive pastry chef Riccardo Falcone and Da Orazio chef Orazio D'Elia, have together opened Mia Dolci Italiani in Alexandria, not far from Sydney Park. Selling coffee by Vittoria and impeccably produced cakes and patisserie goods, it’s a great spot to have a dessert with friends. Located in a converted warehouse, with a few … Continue reading Mia Dolci Italiani