Sushi Tacos @ Harajuku Gyoza

Now we all know that Harajuku Gyoza is famous for their delicious Gyoza which pair perfectly with beer in their beer hall, but can we tell you that now, for a limited time, there’s also Sumo-Sized Sushi Tacos! If you’re a fan of sushi and tacos, then head in and try this mighty fine combo! … Continue reading Sushi Tacos @ Harajuku Gyoza


We didn’t visit here just because the chef is named Lennox, rather because it was on our must visit list for a while now. We finally had a child free evening and we were lucky to secure a table as a walk in. Chef and owner Lennox Hastie of Firedoor has opened this second venue … Continue reading Gildas

This way canteen

On the weekend my mothers group and I went to the Museum of Sydney and prior to the visit, we ate @thisway.canteen ⬆️ located at the entrance to the museum. It has a subterranean feel to it in its heritage building and despite the cool weather outside it was warm and comfortable. They’ve got a … Continue reading This way canteen

Sydney Zoo

With the new M8 open, we decided to head out to Sydney Zoo, near Blacktown, since the journey now only takes about 35 minutes. It would sometimes probably take longer to get over the bridge to Taronga for us. The Sydney Zoo is a large precinct and home to over 4,000 animals, including endangered species … Continue reading Sydney Zoo

Salopian Inn

Whilst on a trip to South Australia, we travelled through the McLaren Vale wine region to visit some wineries and restaurants. We booked into the Salopian Inn, as recommended by multiple people, located in a picturesque area surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Set in a quaint house, with climbing greenery on the exterior and it’s unique … Continue reading Salopian Inn