Hulu: a progressive Chinese restaurant

Hulu Restaurant is a progressive Chinese restaurant, recently opening their second restaurant in Darling Harbour in the King St Wharf precinct. It is a large waterfront space, freshly renovated with quality wood finishes. The space is nicely styled with leather chairs in black and teal and large round marble tables with gold centerpiece and, to keep partly with tradition, a lazy susan to complete the show. Perfect for a group dining experience whethere it be a work function, family get together or a catch up with friends.

We start with our drink orders and they have a list to suit all. We decide on the mojito and berry crush cocktails.

We are soon also fronted with some of their signature dim sum, the tasty pan fried Mushroom and the cute little nemo dumplings filled with prawn and fish, a school of clown fish looking dumplings, served in the steamer. Then the deep fried pork buns: a true revelation. We love the usual fluffy steamed pork buns, but these are next level and made fresh in house.



After whetting our appetite with the dim sum, the meal continued with a seafood offering of Garlic king prawn, the sweetly toasted garlic enhancing the flavour of the prawns, giving added texture. Hulu also specialises in crab, with the chef continually experimenting until reaching perfection. Utilising his French cooking background and Malaysian influences to create the Hulu green crab in cream. The perfectly cooked crab presented in a bowl of decadent and rich cream and served with mantou buns to soak it up.



Lucky we were dining in a group, as sharing the meal allowed us to sample much of the menu. The cashew chicken was served in in a fried taro bowl, the tea smoked duck with an intriguing smokiness we haven’t experienced with duck. The home made tofu with enoki mushrooms and eggwhite suace another option rich in flavour.

It was a spectacle when the pork belly arrived, wrapped in leaves, foil and backed in a clay casing. This pork dish with all of its layers would be perfect for a foodie pass the parcel. The outer clay casing opened up at the table, the pork unwrapped and carved in front of us at the table. The flavor of the pork intensified by the 8 hour cook time.

With plenty of food sampled, a light dessert was in order. The osmanthus cake was a jelly dessert with a tea flavour. The sago and melon dessert impressed with its freshness, a great palate cleanser.


We enjoyed our visit to Hulu King Street Wharf. A great location, plenty of space and some tasty modern Chinese food. Thanks for the dining experience and hospitality.

Hulu at King Street Wharf
19 Lime Street
King Street Wharf
Ph: (02) 9299 9889

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Vine and Grind Terrace – now open at Edmondson Park


Vine and Grind terrace is an offshoot of their original Liverpool store. Located in new development area in Edmondson park, you’d have to know it was there to go. But you most definitely should.


There’s new apartments being built and a massive pit of construction where the new development will be built and a train station. This place will go nuts in a few years. You’ll find this cafe where the display homes are.


Apt to its name, you’ll find a small terrace, with tables and benches and a few deck chairs on the grass. We loved the bright yellow tables and chairs.


They’ve got a superb menu with great variety and we could have easily have sampled many things. We decided on a brekkie dish as well as a lunch option to share. 


Starting with a beautiful granola bowl with coconut yoghurt (this is perfect for vegan and vegetarians) fresh fruit; strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries, lychee and rosewater petals. Decorated like a work of art, it was a really light and refreshing dish.  


We also had the flathead fish tacos, lightly battered and with kale greens which we felt the serving was extremely generous for the price so that’s certainly a big plus.


Coffees are great too, staff are extremely lovely and it’s worth a visit!

Edmondson Display Centre (300 m left of the station)

Monday-Friday 7am – 3pm

Weekends 8am-4pm

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MY PUPPY and new dishes @MasQue, St Leonards

We’ve been to MasQue in St Leonard’s before, and we lucky to be invited back to try the new winter menu options. They’ve kept some of their original items such as the awesome Wagyu Tataki and Soba and the duck wrap, but have added some items perfect for winter. 




Their Congee is a superb one. It is absolutely stunning in appearance and delicious in taste. It is a thick congee made with dried seafood, cordycepsmilitians, split mung beans, shallot and topped with a salted duck yolk golden crisp. This makes the top crunch and means the crunchy soft shell crab remains crunchy and protected. A lot of thought has gone into the production of this one and they aren’t copying other styles. 



We tried some Taiwanese chicken bites too. They are nice and tender inside, coated with a sweet potato flour.




Another new addition is the Flaming bowl with truffle Kombu sauce. This is a decent sized rice bowl, topped with your choice of salmon or wagyu. We chose the pan seared marble graded Wagyu graded sirloin. It comes served atop the rice and staff sear the meat infront of you. The meat certainly is high quality and it works well with the accompanying sides. These include Japanese ginger and pickle, a soft boiled egg, crunchy salted egg duck crumb coated tofu and a handmade truffle and soya sauce. This dish is perfect for winter / it is warm and filling.


They have a range of drinks like “emoji” bags, full of bubble tea and soda. I chose to try the black tea latte, which the taste was a nice mix between a chai and a latte. I chose this because it comes with flavours and tools to produce your own latte art. 



 And not to mention MY PUPPY! This is what you have got to try. My video has been going mental on instagram. It is a puppy, theft is made from Nutella mousse and it legitimately looks like a little puppy, cut it open if you dare! But you must – filled with honey orange sponge cake, garnished with biscuit crumb and fruits. It’s so good to eat! But get in early, they’re limited.  



The cafe is open for lunch and dinner late on the weekends. It is quaint, spacious and open and decorated with bright masks. Lots of character. Staff are extremely friendly and hospitable and it’s an enjoyable.


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Graziers Grill House – new to Caringbah Hotel

The food in Sydney is continuously improving as a whole, and even more so in suburbia. We have had the fortune of visiting a few new welcome dining additions in the Sutherland Shire or the ‘Shire’ as it is referred to by most of Sydney. On this occasion we visited Graziers Grill House, which is situated inside the Caringbah Hotel. The Grill house specialises in quality steak and American style BBQ which is very on trend at the moment. The BBQ scene in Australia is blowing up at the moment. This upgrade to the old bistro is bringing a new demographic to the hotel. Young families, the after work crew and couples having dinner too.


This joint also has cool cocktail list some of our all time favourites, espresso Martini’s, ginger and lychee martini’s and Aperol Spritz too, the choice was tough. A Golden Gaytime Apple Crumble cocktail was the top pick of the night. This cocktail features a Golden Gaytime crumb, impossible to go past this option.


They also have cocktail jugs for $30 as well as a selection of Beer, cider, wines and many more options. Graziers grill house is the perfect place to enjoy a drink, remember it is situated inside a pub.


The menu is a list of street food (entrees), faves, clean & green, and from the grill. The street food has a range of starters that all sounded super tasty; red curry chicken ribs, chargrilled flatbread with chimichuri and pick de Gallo salsa, saganaki, chilli salt squid, charred corn, slow cooked pork ribs.


It was a Friday night and we were super hungry! We decided to share the feasting board which had a range of the above starters including the glazed pork ribs, calamari, sticky lamb ribs, charred corn, the best onion rings we’ve ever eaten and our favourite bite of the evening the chicken ribs, flavoured with red curry, kaffir like, and spring onions – these are a MUST order. This platter is huge and was tough for two people and amazing value at $40.



You cannot go to a grill house without ordering something from the grill. They pride themselves in selling only 100% Australian beef. Select from a variety of cuts, we chose the medallion 200g, beautifully cooked and served with seasoned fries and garden salad. We were well and truly cooked in the fullness department by this stage.


If you’d prefer a different main, there’s a few fish options; barramundi, salmon and flathead or the ever popular Parma. Throw in a cheeseburger and a steak sandwich and it makes for the perfect menu. The restaurant also has gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options available. Take the whole family, there is plenty of choice for the kids too.

Sadly we were too full for dessert, but there are so many we would have ordered if we could. Creme Brûlée, choc fudge brownies, pavlova, apple Pie or the JAM DONUT ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!

If you find yourself in the Shire and in the mood for some BBQ or a drink visit the Caringbah Hotel.

Thank you to staff for the hospitality and Papaya PR for the invitation to dine.

Graziers Grill House

Inside the Caringbah Hotel

343 Port Hacking Rd, Caringbah NSW 2229



Café in the heart of Mortdale @Sugar Salt Espresso

Sugar Salt espresso is located in southern Sydney, close to the train station in Mortdale. In a suburb filled with an array of multicultural restaurants, yet this cafe is the only one of its kind. It’s the perfect place for a top coffee or a weekend brunch.


We visited on Mother’s Day and naturally this meant it was super busy! We sat outside, but well looked after by the wait staff. The cafe had a lovely surprise, giving all the mums dining there a flower! How sweet. They also had ‘Mum’ donuts which made it a special day for the mums there. They had even arranged another special surprise for a mother, when her son returned from the army to deliver her coffee! 


Despite the fact it was totally packed out, the food did not come with a long wait. The chef was extremely efficient and food came out quickly and beautifully presented. 


It was a super cold and rainy day so we got some warming dishes. The eggs Benedict with truffle hollandiase sauce, and your choice of ham, bacon or salmon (we chose ham), and some asparagus and greens, it was a lovely combination of flavours. 


We also had the smashed avo with poached eggs, pomegranate and the sliced almonds were a nice touch. 



We enjoyed our visit and appreciate the good service and hospitality.

Sugar Salt

34 Pitt St, Mortdale NSW Australia

(02) 9570 6347


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Churrasco is perfect for meat lovers

Churrasco Brazilian BBQ has been a staple in Coogee for a number of years, which is a feat in itself and a testament to this restaurant delivering quality food. Brazil is renowned around the world for their barbecuing ability and this is no different at Churrasco. Churrasco uses a few different techniques including a rotisserie over hot coals and a smoker.


The restaurant itself is a large space perfect for a group or an intimate dining experience. Differing from many restaurants you instantly pass the cooking area as you walk in. Look to the left and you will see the rotisserie in action, and to the right the impressively large smoker. As you head into the dining area, the walls are covered in a collage of Brazilian pictures to set the mood. Then there are the staff members who have a Brazillian back ground, including the chefs and waitresses, helping to make for an authentic Brazilian barbeque experience. 


Like most Brazilian BBQ places Churrasco, have a go/stop system, using a token on the table, where one side is green, and the other red. With the quality of the food hitting the table you will keep the green side up until you are bursting at the sides. All of the meat arriving at the table was mouthwatering good.


Much of the meat was cooked on the rotisserie served straight off the skewers which keeps it tender and juicy including chicken and beef. Although the meat was tasty enough on its own, the dipping sauces enhance the flavour and the green chilli beef was a favourite.


The pork belly is succulent and the crackling nice and crisp. The beef ribs were prepared in the large smoker and were full of flavour and fell to pieces at the sight of a fork.

There are some non meat dishes including the tasty fried banana fritters, the cheese bread (cheese puffs) chips and a number of salads.


You will also need you reserve stomach for their desserts including the chocolate fondant and churros. We also hear of a legendary banoffee pie that may make a return and exciting tweaks to the churros.



Churasco’s is truly a carnivores dream, you will be in meat heaven. Well worth the $43 price for all you can eat. The experience is very enjoyable with staff members making you feel welcome and consistently at the table with different food to sample. Perfect for groups or those with a love of meat. Keep an eye out for their lunch menu too, there will be a range of burgers on offer for those in a hurry. Get into Churrasco for your meat fix.

Thank you to Ompty for the invitation to dine.


02 9665 6535

Beijing Legend for great Chinese food

Beijing Legend or New Taste of Chinese Cuisine is a great Chinese Restaurant in Pyrmont. Tucked away beside the Pyrmont Point Hotel, be sure to look out for it. Inside it’s decor is as you would expect at a local Chinese Restaurant. Grab a seat and a menu and you’ll find it hard to make selections with so many great dishes. Half the menu is the traditional Beijing/Northern Chinese style, the other half -Westernised local favourites. 

Our order started with the cold dishes and the fresh tofu with shallot. Silky with a creamy texture and nicely seasoned. You can also get a number of small cold dishes as entrees and a huge range of chefs recommended dishes. 


 The King Prawns are a must order – with salt and pepper and honey flavour. The batter was beautifully crispy and crunchy, the sound of each bite comparable to walking through a crisp pile of leaves in autumn. Probably the best batter you will find anywhere, not oily at all


The western menu boasts entrees that you might expect at your local Chinese restaurant such as spring rolls and dim sum, soup, as well as dumplings. We decided to go for dumplings since they are handmade in house – we sampled the squid ink and seafood dumplings and a there’s myriad of other selections such as pork & cabbage, beef and onion, Lamb and leek, vegetarian. They also have the familiar options of beef with black bean, satay sauce or Mongolian lamb


The King Oyster mushroom dish was super flavoursome, a great vegetable option. The shredded pork sounded delicious so we chose it, it was served with bean sprouts and chives, with paper thin pancakes on the side to make your own.


We were recommending the KungPao chicken, which was so good. Served with cashews and sichuan chilli, giving it that distinct flavour described as numb. 


Beijing Legend is a great Northern Chinese style restaurant and reasonably priced. All items sampled were very tasty and that batter will definitely have us returning. Hunt this restaurant down and give it a go.


Beijing Legend

14/80 John Street, Pyrmont, Sydney

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Bake Bar for brunch @ Double Bay

Bake Bar won the best bakery cafe in Timeout’s 2017 awards and its easy to understand why. This bakery cafe offers a huge range of breads, patisserie goods, pastries and coffees, as well as a solid range of meals if you choose to dine in. 

Situated in Kiaora Lane of the Double Bay dining and shopping precinct, it’s always pumping with customers.


Wait out the front and you’ll find the lovely staff happily greeting you and you’ll be ushered to a table quick smart. The tables outside have umbrellas to protect you from the sun, whilst still enjoying sitting alfresco.  

They have a breakfast/brunch menu until 2pm and then lunch is on offer too. We decided upon 2 salads and a burger to share, as well 2 patisserie goods for an afternoon snack.


The prawn Caesar salad was delicious. Cos lettuce, bacon, tomato, croutons and Caesar dressing, topped with a generous serving of seasoned grilled prawns. Served with a slice of bread of your choice, this is a great meal for lunch. 


The salmon sashimi poke bowl included salmon on a sheet of seaweed beside quinoa salad with radish and diced jalepenos. A lovely fresh and healthy choice for lunch.


We also chose the Tuna burger, which included grilled tuna with lettuce and avocado on a soft bun. We chose to have a side of chips with it. This was a top burger and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


 With this, we drank a latte and a chai latte – good as always! 

We took home a lemon meringue pie and dulce de leche tart to satisfy the afternoon sugar cravings, and that they certainly did.



We thoroughly recommend Bake Bar for a weekend day out (or any day really), but it’s great to order off the menu and dine in to enjoy it. 

Bake Bar

L/15 Kiaora Rd
Double Bay NSW 2028

Telephone: 02 9328 3213
Monday – Sunday: 6am – 6pm



A hidden gem @ Glacage

Glacage is a venue that would be aptly described as a “hidden gem”. Minimal signage, and located at the back of a residential block beside a Thai Restaurant, you’d have to know it was there to visit. It was, and is, a very busy place. Therefore, it has a good name in the community and surrounds. We can certainly see why. Everything was absolutely on point.


The space is rustic, wooden panelled walls and wooden tables, some with mosaic tiles. Seats are made plush with cushions and the space is decorated with bird cages and bunches upon bunches of flowers. This styling makes it feel homely and comfortable. The space is large, with a few seated spaces, so you could certainly take a group there.


Order at the counter, and you can select from the wide menu or something small (and sweet from the glassed display shelf). The menu is superb and we could have ordered so many things – healthy açai bowls, to eggs benny, brekkie boards, French toast or waffles, it’s a shame we could only fit three things in our bellies!

Glacage has three brekkie boards to choose from: the Glacage, Aussie and Mediterranean. We went for the Mediterranean – a generous service of chorizo, haloumi, mushroom, eggs, olives and more! A healthy brekkie that is certainly possible to share.


Sautéed mushrooms on toasted sourdough, with truffle mayonnaise, steamed asparagus, and crunchy poached eggs, topped with micro herbs. The mayo was divine and we really enjoyed the truffle flavour to the dish. We would 100% order this time and time again.


We also couldn’t go past the strawberry cheesecake waffles for a sweet choice to end the meal. The crunchy waffles were topped with and a granola crumb. A must order for those with a sweet tooth.


Coffee by St Ali Coffee Roaster, fresh juices, smoothies and more, you will find a drink to suit your meal. We went for a coffee and chai which were both lovely blends.

The staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and hospitable, and you will feel very welcome here. Add it to your list of places to visit soon!


The Courtyard, 465-469 Chapel Rd
2200 Bankstown, New South Wales

Super tasty chicken, burgers and more @ Il Pollo

Il Pollo in Five Dock has the tag line “more than chicken” and that is certainly the case. They do do chicken and they do it very well, however there is more to this joint than just the chicken. This store is part owned by Rob, who we met on our visit and his Moroccan background is the inspiration behind his passion for food. Food is a way of life, he explained. His passion and enthusiasm are second to none. He loves his food, and local community, and the feeling is mutual.


Rob is an ideas man and not only does he have great ideas, he has the passion to follow through. His range of burgers are reflective of this, we shared the range including Ollo, Pollo, New Yorker, Casablanca, Southern Belle, BLAT. They were all very good, but the Casablanca lamb burger was our favourite.


The chilli sauce here is unreal, made with their own recipe. They also do Chilli-naise chips, which I think may be unique to Il Pollo. Chips smothered in mayo and topped with the Il Pollo chilli sauce, so good you will not want to share. This will now be on our mind as a constant for a cheat meal.


For something quick and exremely tasty, the Empanadas are highly recommended (Spicy chicken and chorizo; Spicy beef and mushroom; Chicken and mushroom; Beef and mushroom)


Then there is the chicken, so juicy and tender. With a range to choose from; Marinated chicken with smoky BBQ and chilli (new dish), Marinated Portuguese style chicken or Smoky BBQ chicken ribs will have you finger lickin. We were lucky to take some spare home and enjoyed it just as much the next day. 



They also have a salad bar for a healthy option. If you are clean eating, these salads are great to combo with some chicken. The salad line up includes Greek salad, Brown rice and quinoa salad with vinaigrette, Tabbouleh and a few other choices. 



If you’re in Five Dock or Birkenhead stop by for a feed, there are plenty of great options and the food is quality. If Rob is around, say g’day and have a chat.

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