Churrasco is perfect for meat lovers

Churrasco Brazilian BBQ has been a staple in Coogee for a number of years, which is a feat in itself and a testament to this restaurant delivering quality food. Brazil is renowned around the world for their barbecuing ability and this is no different at Churrasco. Churrasco uses a few different techniques including a rotisserie over hot coals and a smoker.


The restaurant itself is a large space perfect for a group or an intimate dining experience. Differing from many restaurants you instantly pass the cooking area as you walk in. Look to the left and you will see the rotisserie in action, and to the right the impressively large smoker. As you head into the dining area, the walls are covered in a collage of Brazilian pictures to set the mood. Then there are the staff members who have a Brazillian back ground, including the chefs and waitresses, helping to make for an authentic Brazilian barbeque experience. 


Like most Brazilian BBQ places Churrasco, have a go/stop system, using a token on the table, where one side is green, and the other red. With the quality of the food hitting the table you will keep the green side up until you are bursting at the sides. All of the meat arriving at the table was mouthwatering good.


Much of the meat was cooked on the rotisserie served straight off the skewers which keeps it tender and juicy including chicken and beef. Although the meat was tasty enough on its own, the dipping sauces enhance the flavour and the green chilli beef was a favourite.


The pork belly is succulent and the crackling nice and crisp. The beef ribs were prepared in the large smoker and were full of flavour and fell to pieces at the sight of a fork.

There are some non meat dishes including the tasty fried banana fritters, the cheese bread (cheese puffs) chips and a number of salads.


You will also need you reserve stomach for their desserts including the chocolate fondant and churros. We also hear of a legendary banoffee pie that may make a return and exciting tweaks to the churros.



Churasco’s is truly a carnivores dream, you will be in meat heaven. Well worth the $43 price for all you can eat. The experience is very enjoyable with staff members making you feel welcome and consistently at the table with different food to sample. Perfect for groups or those with a love of meat. Keep an eye out for their lunch menu too, there will be a range of burgers on offer for those in a hurry. Get into Churrasco for your meat fix.

Thank you to Ompty for the invitation to dine.


02 9665 6535

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