Rita’s Bar and Kitchen

Rita’s Bar and Kitchen can be found within the Cat and Fiddle Hotel, Balmain. Inside the heritage style pub you’ll find the best of both worlds. There’s both the bar with tartan floors, beers on tap and gaming space as well as the Hampton’s style restaurant called Rita’s. Rita’s has a high glass cathedral style … Continue reading Rita’s Bar and Kitchen

Goodwood Bake shop

Goodwood is new on the scene in Marrickville, baking up a range of breads, pastries and sweet treats. Shelves behind the counter are lined with their breads; sourdough, rye, baguettes, miche and more. Their trolleys showcase the pastries; plain croissants, pain au chocolat, scamorza, ham and mustard as well as the specials for the week. … Continue reading Goodwood Bake shop