Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt – new to Surry Hills

Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt is a delicious new frozen shop which has opened on Crown Street Surry Hills. The huge store occupies the spot which was once the Commonwealth Bank. The store is inviting with the neon lights, bright space and positively beaming staff. Having just opened, staff were keen to explain the concept, offer tastings and make everyone feel welcome. I got a really good overall feeling here.

Yo chi has a self service style arrangement with 8 flavours to choose from. There’s a good range to suit different dietary requirements including vegan flavours, dairy and gluten free. On our day of visit, I tried the vegan option as well as Yo Chi’s signature yoghurt, butterscotch and also their cookies and cream. I loved all the flavours and they’re great on their own. Even better though, you can add toppings.

The topping station is also self service. Choose from fruit balls, fresh fruit, compote, nuts, chocolates and more. Have as much as you please, for the store charges by the weight.

Here you can satisfy your sweet cravings with some yummy healthy frozen yogurt. Top it off with healthy fruit or if you want to be a bit naughty, there’s plenty of chocolate too! But here, the choice is all yours!

Yo Chi

435 Crown Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010


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