We didn’t visit here just because the chef is named Lennox, rather because it was on our must visit list for a while now. We finally had a child free evening and we were lucky to secure a table as a walk in. Chef and owner Lennox Hastie of Firedoor has opened this second venue … Continue reading Gildas

Brix Distillers’ all-new Australian Core Range.

Raise a glass to celebrate Brix Distillers’ all-new Australian Core Range. Hosted by Brix co-founders, Damien Barrow, James Christopher, and Shane Casey, Head Distiller of Brix, they treated us to tastings of the new Brix Australian Core Range Rums, both neat and made into delicious cocktails crafted from all three fantastic varieties. The NEW look … Continue reading Brix Distillers’ all-new Australian Core Range.


Kurtosh is a European bakery that makes all their pastry instore. Known especially for their Kurtosh/Kürtőskalács or “Chimney Cake”, the traditional Hungarian pastry is made with tightly wrapped pastry coils that are doused in sugar, caramelised by baking to produce a crispy flaky exterior and soft interior. You can then have them topped with your … Continue reading Kurtosh