Food Philosophy @Aristotle’s

The legacy that Greek philosopher Aristotle's left was to the world was in the realm of science, Mathematics, physics, logistics and linguistics. At Aristotle's restaurant, this restaurant's philosophy is producing Greek food at its finest. Beautifully and delicately plated food, bursting with flavour, combined with a sophisticated feel of the restaurant and top notch staff, … Continue reading Food Philosophy @Aristotle’s

Tis the season to be jolly@Muzuya Karaoke restaurant

​Mizuya Karaoke Restaurant, in the CBD next to the Metro theatre. Head downstairs and you’ll find yourself at counter leading to a series of hallways full of different sized karaoke rooms. A booth style arrangement and large table in the centre order your food and drinks from the touch screen. Singing not your fortè, dont … Continue reading Tis the season to be jolly@Muzuya Karaoke restaurant