Roastville for coffee enthusiasts

This converted warehouse on Victoria Road Marrickville. It houses a cafe which a coffee enthusiast dreams about. There are a few outdoor tables as you enter from the street, then you move inside to a coverted warehouse space containing numerous bits of coffee paraphernalia. One counter where the awesome looking coffee machine sits with its see through outer case (and some amazing looking cronuts) and other coffee making devices are set up. Beyond this are a number of tables for you to enjoy a meal.

We were seated then perused the menu, interested to expand on our limited knowledge  beyond an espresso, macchiaito, latte and cappuccino. With a plethora of choice, I went with the V60 pour over. This method involved the pouring the coffee over a grooved ceramic funnel like cup and filter paper. The barista, showing his skill, has this method  down to a science weighing and timing the process, making for a nice tasting filter coffee. We also ordered a latte, a nice cup of coffee topped with some latte art, I was suitably impressed.

Foodwise, there were many options that took out fancy such as the  burgers or chicken and waffles and they also had a few healthier options which we went for on this day. We chose the brunch plate and the chicken and roasted cauliflower salad. The chicken cauliflower salad with chicpea, watercress and zucchini had fresh clean flavours.

The Brunch plate was nicely presented with great ingredient combinations of smoked salmon, beetroot paste, avacado watercress as well as some falafel zucchini fritters, served with a lemon wedge and house made labne. We were impressed by the salmon which was house smoked with apple wood, the labne also made on site. The falafel had a crisp crust with a moist centre.

Marrickville, delivering another good cafe in Roastville which serves up good food as well as coffee. The service is friendly and the barista is very passionate and has a great knowledge of coffee. If you love your coffee, add this cafè to your list.

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