Kitchens on Kent @ the Langham

We were grateful to be invited to the winter party / re launch of Kitchens on Kent in the Langham, Sydney. They opened in 2019, but with the pandemic, there was ongoing opening and closing. Now with the freedom and people happy to venture out and about, they’ve relaunched with a new menu and we … Continue reading Kitchens on Kent @ the Langham

Chatswood Nights Roaming Gnomes

From today, the 6th May until 29th May, you can find a unique event to experience in Chatswood. For ‘Chatswood Nights Roaming Gnomes', you’ll find 12 large scale inflatable Gnomes and an animated projection each night from 6pm on the concourse façade featuring the Gnomes travelling around the world. Tinternational food trails can be … Continue reading Chatswood Nights Roaming Gnomes