Kitchens on Kent @ the Langham

We were grateful to be invited to the winter party / re launch of Kitchens on Kent in the Langham, Sydney. They opened in 2019, but with the pandemic, there was ongoing opening and closing. Now with the freedom and people happy to venture out and about, they’ve relaunched with a new menu and we were treated to its delights in a party to enjoy the everyday!

Ordinary a sophisticated buffet, we were served to a canapé style of the food for the party. Headed by Chef Stephen Lech, the staff set up stations from around the world we were treated to the likes of Peking duck pancakes, vegetable pakoras, sydney rock oysters, yakitori skewers, mini pizzas, and some amazing sushi and the freshest sashimi around. Beautifully presented and they highlighted the regions they came from.

They had also set up the most incredible dessert platter you’ve ever seen, which looked like a garden wonderland, featuring edible mushrooms and pot plants. The compressed watermelon and strawberry skewers with honey and coconut were also so delicious. Such a work of art and feast for the taste buds.

Drinks were also awesome, Tattinger Champagne, wine, beers and even a negroni was served to keep the crowd having fun.

We loved the Paul Chenard Quartet, playing chilled tunes and their style was perfect for the event. Also, Kerrie Hess, acclaimed artist and fashion illustrator was also at the party, completing an amazing live artwork. She painted a fashion image of the model on the night and we could watch Kerrie complete this over the evening.

The Langham sure know how to put on a party and we are thankful for the invitation to join.

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