Leible coffee in the Sydney CBD

In the city recently, strolling around, I passed by Leible coffee on York St in the city, just before closing time and managed to grab a coffee.

Coffee has been sourced and roasted by Yama Kim, Australia’s World Cup Tasters Champion. The specialty coffee is from all around the world.

I found it to be a unique flavour to the latte and I enjoyed it a lot. They have plenty of varieties including cold brew and filter too.

The cafe is a hole in the walls style space with mostly standing room and a few tables with stools if you’re dining in. Food wise, they have some delicious looking bagels and pastries.

I found the service to be really efficient and friendly.

Leible Coffee

89 York St Sydney


Mon-Fri: 6:30-3pm

Sat-Sun: 8am-2pm


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