Sushi Tacos @ Harajuku Gyoza

Now we all know that Harajuku Gyoza is famous for their delicious Gyoza which pair perfectly with beer in their beer hall, but can we tell you that now, for a limited time, there’s also Sumo-Sized Sushi Tacos! If you’re a fan of sushi and tacos, then head in and try this mighty fine combo!

These giant sushi tacos come in three tasty flavours – Crispy Karaage, Sashimi Salmon, or Tofu and Avocado. We were interested to see how these went, and weren’t sure how they’d hold together, but they absolutely do. The nori paper has been lightly fried in tempura, filled with rice and a decent portion of the topping and served in a cardboard holder. We even cut one in half and still held well. The rice is beautifully seasoned and the toppings are so moreish. The karaage chicken and salmon sashimi options have a nice spicy sauce on them too. For the vegetarians and vegans, the tofu and cucumber is perfect and also quite refreshing.

Pair with the signature Yuzu highball cocktail or Yoyogi Pale Ale. We grabbed a beer and the paring is certainly recommended.

We also had some their Gyoza, or little Japanese dumplings – the duck ones, poached with spiced vinegar and candied orange. We also had kingfish sashimi, karage and fries.

Find the Sushi Tacos at the Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium which is down in Darling Harbour. Only for a limited time only, so be quick.

Harajuku Gyoza is Great for a night out and to experience features of Japanese culture and food.

Harajuku Gyoza

6-8 Nicolle Walk

Darling Harbour

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