Gami Chicken and beer

In preparation for my trip to Korea, what could be better than getting up to speed with Korean food. So we head into Sydney’s CBD to try our casual dining restaurant Gami Chicken and Beer. Perfect for dinner, a snack or catch up with friends, Gami has all your Korean favourites as well as beer … Continue reading Gami Chicken and beer

Wa Gyuto @ Clovelly

Wa Gyuto is a modern contemporary Japanese Restaurant that has opened in the eastern suburbs location of Clovelly. Filling the spot that homed one of my favourite restaurants Darley St Bistro, this new restaurant will soon became a favourite too, with its delicious Japanese dishes. Chef / owner Andy Yoo’s restaurant Wa Gyuto, is named … Continue reading Wa Gyuto @ Clovelly

Odd Culture

Odd culture is a new space in Newtown. It is a restaurant experiencing with fermentation, and evident through both the food and drink menu. What a great spot, for you can eat in the restaurant upstairs or in the bar area, or even out the front like we did. This suited us, since we didn’t … Continue reading Odd Culture