Gami Chicken and beer

In preparation for my trip to Korea, what could be better than getting up to speed with Korean food. So we head into Sydney’s CBD to try our casual dining restaurant Gami Chicken and Beer. Perfect for dinner, a snack or catch up with friends, Gami has all your Korean favourites as well as beer and you just must try their fried chicken.

It’s a bright and colourful relaxed space where you can peruse the menu, order with the staff and have a couple of drinks while you wait. We have a Korean beer and mocktail (because it’s a weeknight and all), but plenty of options including cocktails and Soju.

Fried chicken is their thing and the menu advertises plenty of fried chicken options – wings, chicken pieces (boneless) and you can get original fried or basted in a sticky sauce of your choice, or just have it on the side, whether it be sweet chilli, soy garlic, sweet mustard or chilli to make a few. There’s full or half chicken or just bite sized, like we opt for, being only a small dining party. The fried chicken is nice and crispy with a moist interior and works well when dipped into the sweet chilli sauce.

There’s other Korean delights such askimchee pancakes, Tteok bokki (stir fried rice cakes), fried rice, ‘corn cheese’ (corn with lashings of mayo, katsu and even burgers.

We order some of our favourite mains, the Bibimbap – rice bowl topped with carrot, zucchini, beans, beef and an egg. It is super yummy and we polish it off quickly.

Another favourite of ours is the Bubglogi, a nicely seasoned meat with salad and rice as well as a plate of their Mandu, or fried dumplings. We get the prawn ones and really like them, with a nice filling and crispy fried exterior.

We are grateful there were kids menu options too, so we could have Lennox eat fries and nuggets.

Service at the restaurant was fast, friendly and we know what to expect of Korean food now!

Gami Chicken and Beer

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