Wa Gyuto @ Clovelly

Wa Gyuto is a modern contemporary Japanese Restaurant that has opened in the eastern suburbs location of Clovelly. Filling the spot that homed one of my favourite restaurants Darley St Bistro, this new restaurant will soon became a favourite too, with its delicious Japanese dishes.

Chef / owner Andy Yoo’s restaurant Wa Gyuto, is named after the Japanese version of classic Western Chef’s knife and the intent of the restaurant is to preserve the authenticity of Japanese culinary art and dishes. We found that they certainly did this. Much of the menu is what you know and love about Japanese food, with a modern flair, and served on beautiful ceramics.

We opted to share some of the dishes, selecting from the entrees, mains and yakitori. They also have ala carte sushi and sushi sets and sashimi, as well as daily specials displayed on the brown paper hanging on the wall. You can also have their tasting menu if you’d like a bit of everything. Quite a good option if you’re hungry.

Kurt began with a little taster their kombu sliced potato, pressed into what looks like a golden brick, topped with creme fraiche and salmon roe, a great little bite sized morsel.

Then onto entrees. We always love a miso eggplant dish and the one here was nice. The eggplant was glazed in miso, cooked nice and soft and sprinkled with sesame and shallot. This is also a great choice for gluten free, dairy free and vegan diners.

My choice was the refreshing Kingfish sashimi, seasoned with a smoked ponzu, finger lime, pickled shiso and I really enjoyed this light meal and it was beautifully presented.

We also enjoyed the wagyu tataki sushi and but was this huge! So good. The sushi was filled with avo, asparagus, and topped with char grilled wagyu and shallot. So delicious.

To get some more veggies in, we tried the oyster mushroom yakitori. With mushrooms that good, who needs meat!

We were quite full, so we didn’t need dessert, but they do have a short dessert menu. The restaurant also has Beer, wine, non alcoholic mocktails to drink and our selection was a glass of sparkling and the Yuza and salted cucumber mocktail.

I haven’t seen too many people I know dine here so hoping this helps to get the word out, for it is great!

Wa Gyuto

309 Clovelly Road

Clovelly NS2


Tuesday – Sunday dinner: 5:30-9:30 (10:30 Fri/Sat)

Friday-Sun: lunch 12 noon – 2:30

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