Muffaletta @ Papa Gede’s

So have you heard of a Muffalatta?? We hear the word and know it instantly. It’s the one and only famous sandwich with its origins in New Orleans, but now you can find them Pap Gede’s Bar in Sydney’s CBD.

It is Italian bread filled with layers of cured meats such as ham and mortadella, cheeses such as provolone cheese, an olive dressing and it’s undoubtedly phenomenal. Layered to perfection, they are good both fresh and toasted – so do as we did and order both and pick your favourite!

Eat a quarter, eat a half, eat three quarters, eat a whole (feeds EIGHT!) – the choice is yours!

At Papa Gede’s, you can also order a ridiculously good cocktail from their unique menu! Check it out!

Papa Gede’s

348 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000

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