Continuing to impress – New Christmas menu @Meet Mica


Meet Mica is our top café pick for 2017,  with tasty innovative cafe items on the menu which that also display fine dining technique. What a better way to celebrate than popping by for another visit, this time to sample the new Christmas menu – for a limited time only!

The décor remains the same, and why would this change when it is simply sophisticated. Using the same coffee, (little Marionette), which we love,  but there are some new innovative and just as delicious items on the menu, just in time for Christmas!
Not only do all of these new items display amazing technique and presentation, they are also ridiculously tasty. We had four dishes and loved every one of them. 
Meet mica have tweaked one of our favourite breakfast dishes, making it more appealing for the masses. The brioche lava french toast, ordinarily a matcha flavor has had a change! Spoiler alert, their new version now it is a salted caramel sauce inside a thick charcoal brioche and is served with a condensed milk foam and seasonal fruit. OMFG are you kidding me, amazing!! Although I do miss that viscous condensed milk syrup of the original, this meets the mark and Sarah’s new favourite.
There is also mango sushi, made up of black sticky rice, topped with finely sliced mango and strawberry and served with a coconut foam and popping candy, a fun and playful dish which perfectly suits it being Christmas.
All sweet so far, however to mix it up they have added the matcha-soba tree salad. A tasty combination of cha-soba, rocket, duck breast, onion, cherry tomatoes and cheddar snow. A fresh and healthy dish, popping with colour and very pleasing to the palate.
Back to sweet and left until last as this is the piece de resistance to the visit. A dish called snow mountain, a breakfast item comparable to a bombe alaska. This show stopper arrives at the table, a little white mountain of yoghurt foam topped with some glimmering gold leaf. There are many layers to this dish, inside is a raspberry sorbet dome atop of matcha sponge cake and it is served with a little mound of matcha crumb. An amazing breakfast option, that is innovative, with fine dining technique on display.
We are again impressed with what is being served up by Meet Mica. Be sure to stop by to sample their new menu items that are being served for a limited time.
Thank you to Meet Mica and Ompty for the invitation to revisit.

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