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Plant the seed of positivity and hope will bloom

Too often we turn on the daily news, open a newspaper or scroll through our facebook feed, seeing stories of disaster, trauma and sadness. We need to foster more happiness, positivity and hope in our lives.


Fun, lovely, optimistic, wondrous, emotive, reflective, symbolic. 

Flowers. They are symbolic of beauty, of thanks, of love, of care and of hope. I like to think that flowers can be used as a metaphor for life and the blooming of flowers, representing hope.

The seeds are planted. The soil, the roots and the whole plant are cultivated. From this, the flower blooms.

Us? We need to be cared for and care for ourselves, cultivate our own intellect and emotions in order to grow.

What can help us to grow? That is positivity. That is hope.


As Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnston once stated “where flowers bloom, so does hope”. This is a quote ringing true to my heart. There is nothing quite like a bunch of flowers to spark  a positive outlook.

That bunch you receive in congratulations for your TAFE certificate, University degree, job promotion. They are the hope one has in you for a prosperous future.

That bunch you receive in sympathy or loss of a loved one. This represents hope one has in you to get you through the darkest days, to reflect positively on a life well lived.

That bunch you have in your hands walking down the aisle of your wedding. This is hope for a beautiful and everlasting marriage.

That bunch you buy for yourself and admire as you sip your morning coffee.  This is hope for a marvellous day and week ahead.


In any situation, flowers can represent a hopeful future.

There are many varieties of flowers and symbolic at different times in our life.


Where can we find these beautiful blooms? Many people like myself live in apartments with no balconies or backyards. Whilst we can visit an independent seller or chain store, these are all sourced from the Sydney Flower markets, the location of the largest market of freshly cut flowers, straight from the farms and growers. Florists flock here, keenly sourcing their most favoured blooms and supplies, ready to make into beautiful bouquets and table decorations.


We are lucky that we have the intermediary to visit the market for us, so we can purchase directly from an independent local florist. There we can buy our blooms as we get our morning paper and coffee and come home with that optimistic smile on our face. They have the ability to brighten your day.

I fell in love with flowers as a young adult, finding they are something that makes me happy, they put a smile on my face when I walk past a store or admire them in my living room. I dabbled in some floral courses and helping friends with bouquets at events and weddings. When it came around to my own wedding, I knew what I wanted and went to find the florist that met my style and expectations. I had optimism in her and hope for a beautiful wedding. This was fulfilled to my expectations and beyond.



Sarah Begnell, of the Village Florist in Hunters Hill certainly has style and extraordinarily good taste. Her store, with is beautiful range of blooms, bespoke bouquets and resume of work shown through many events and weddings is testament to this.


The flowers she selects both match her own personal style and that of her demographic. Whilst a gerbera or sunflower might attract the fancy of some, you won’t find them here. You will find what the locals come back for time and time again. The aesthetic is rustic, stylish and elegant. The favourites of the locals include hydrangeas and peonies, suiting the beautiful cobblestone houses and leafy streets in the area.


Sarah’s flowers are all sourced from the growers at the Sydney Flower Markets. So keen is she on keeping the freshest flowers, the markets are visited every Monday, Wednesday and Friday rather than once a week like most.


Flowers regularly stocked here include the Oriental lily, Roses, Dahlia’s, Lisianthus, Hyacinth, Bouvardia, Vanda orchid, Chrysanthemum, Delphinium, Stock, Snapdragons, Queen Anne’s lace, Pieris, Tulips, Peach frill tulip, Hydrangea, Hypericum berry and Ivy berry. The store will put together your perfect bouquet!


Sarah only has one other staff member, who I have it recorded ‘works as hard as two people’, in an aim to keep costs down. Their vision is complementary and their work is superb.


Sarah loves the opportunity to pick her choice of flowers and she sticks primarily to the same growers, that she loves and trusts, believing that it is important to gain and maintain loyalty. As an independent, small business owner, that’s what is all about. Building relationships and having a positive relationship with all involved.


Should these flowers not be in season in Australia, growers import them from overseas, knowing the customer demand is there. This high demand leads to these flowers being sourced from Holland, Kenya and especially New Zealand to name a few.


Sarah loves her work. She loves putting together the perfect arrangement and seeing the customer walk away with a smile on their face and she enjoys preparing table arrangements and bouquets for weddings, knowing this is part of an important day for many. She loves to make people happy. This is probably why I felt so connected to this florist.

What I believe is important, is having independent stores such as this. There is loyalty, trust and relationships with all involved. Sarah agrees. She wants the store to remain ‘boutique’.  Us? We get the best of both worlds – we get the flowers from the grower from the Sydney Markets at a location convenient to us, and bunches made with love.

In order to create a positive wellbeing and outlook on life, we need inspiration, motivation and hope. This can begin with something just as small, but hugely symbolic – a bunch of flowers. They represent hope.


So whether you’re buying flowers as congratulations, or in a time of sympathy and sadness or even for yourself, just remember to think of them as a symbol of happiness optimism and hope.


The Village florist Hunters Hill 

Shop 1 / 37 Alexandra street

Hunters Hill NSW 2110

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0413 390 565


Instagram @the.village.florist


Sydney Markets

Enter Sydney Markets via Austin Avenue (off Circulating Road), Flemington



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