Where to make your own chocolates? Class Bento!

Instead of just taking a seat and enjoying the fruits of another persons’ labour, today we popped on an apron and got our hands dirty, or should we say “chocolatey”. We took on the challenge of making our own handcrafted chocolates with a chocolate class in the heart of Lilyfield at Kimberley Chocolates, organised through Class Bento.

We were warmly greeted by Joseph, the chocolatier, who, with over 20 years experience would be leading us in our chocolate making adventure. We begin our workshop with a brief overview of the ins and outs of chocolate and how it came to be the popular delicacy we all enjoy today.


Each participant was given a unique chocolate mould ranging from lips, roses, leaves, love hearts, even an Egyptian Tutankhamun. From there, we shown how to line the mould with liquid chocolate from what was every chocolate lovers dream, a chocolate waterfall!


We then filled our chocolates with different flavoured ganache and coated our chocolates and played the waiting game to see if our treats would set in one piece.


During this time, Joseph took us on a journey through the history of chocolate, being derived from the cacao bean and processed until it turns into the chocolate we love and enjoy today. We then enjoyed a traditional hot chocolate infused with rose and chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallow and traditional Turkish delight.

By this point, the waiting game had come to an end, our trays of handcrafted chocolates came out from the fridge ready to be assessed. We stood anxiously waiting for our turn to de-mould the chocolates by literally smashing the chocolate tray onto the bench.


When each of the chocolates came out unscathed, we realised we were successful and were on the way to becoming chocolatiers ourselves. Joseph was a great teacher who made the class informative, enjoyable and gave us plenty of opportunities to challenge ourselves and learn something new. Not to mention giving us plenty of chances to enjoy some chocolate along the way. Probably best for people with limited cooking experience.

This was a great course run by Class Bento at a cost of $80 It’s easy to sign up to a course online. Pick what suits you regarding price and duration and interest. There’s crafts such as terrarium making, candle makings, teapot making, flower arranging, screen printing, pottery making and more. Or in the food sector you can make macrons, or attend cocktail classes. They offer free coffee classes at Roastville too. Class bento offerings are great for yourself, date night, for a group of friends or even a hen’s night or corporate work function!

Thank you to Class Bento for the invitation to join the class.

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