Chama Brazilian BBQ for all the meats

Chama Brazilian Bbq in Caringbah offers a $39 all you can eat barbecued meats, salads, fries, vegetables and antipasto dishes. Although it’s called a buffet, you don’t even have to get out of your seat, the staff actually come around and offer you different dishes until you’re full!

We practically tried every dish on the menu from the range of beef on offer and we really liked the scotch fillet and balsamic beef kebab, but there are more than 5 variations of flavours. Meats are cooked whilst rotating over coals. This cooking method enables the meat to be tender, succulent and take on a nice charred flavour.

The chicken was extremely succulent and in particular the lemon pepper and the honey soy fillets were superb. For the adventurous folk amongst us, chicken hearts are on offer!

The pork belly was also a standout, and the crackling was as crunchy and salty as we like it.

The meat comes sliced on platters and the staff serve you as much as you like. Some of the meat comes out on the traditional bbq skewers, cooked over the wood fired bbq and they carve it to your plate at the table.

There’s plenty of sides on offer and the Brazilian cheese bread/cheese puff is definitely at the top of that list. There’s so much to choose from; fries, oven baked veg, bean salad, coleslaw, rocket and Parmesan salad, haloumi cheese, black beans and more! You are served a few sauces like Chama Churro, vinaigrette, green chilli and Parmesan, though you don’t really need it with such nicely seasoned meat.

We were told early to save space for dessert, and we were lucky we did because they have some lovely bbq pineapple and fried bananas (fritters) with cinnamon.

Long bench seats and stools, the decor is casual. The staff have a lot of personality and really made us feel welcome. They do well at accomodating groups, the venue is ideal for any occasion including birthday celebrations, bucks night etc. A few were doing this when we were there.

Chama Brazilian Style BBQ, Shop 3/277-281 Kingsway, Caringbah NSW 2229.

Thank you to Ompty Media for the invitation to dine.

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