Hats off to the world’s 50 best restaurants.

The list was just released of the world’s 50 best restaurants and it’s got the foodie crowds talking. The list is compiled after polling a number of top chef’s, restauranteurs, critics and culinary experts.

The list: here

The list often reflects current gastronomic trends around the world. Many restaurants that make the list showcase fine dining, artistic plating, clever ideas, stunning service,  molecular gastronomy and overall extraordinary dining experiences.

Whilst Australia did not get a mention in the top 50 this year, we have been lucky enough to visit some restaurants on the list during our travels around the world. We encourage you to have a read of our recommendations too, and hit the list for plenty of other inspirations.

These four were certainly amazing and Central tops our list. But, you can’t be a juicy steak from Julio.

We’ve tried

4. Gaggan, Bangkok Thailand. We went for an ’emoticon’ themed degustation. Blog here:



6. Central, Lima Peru. We experienced a degustation on altitudes of Peru. Blog here:



P.S. Yes it is Pirahana 

34. Don Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We had what we feel is the BEST steak in the world. Blog here:



One of our other faves didn’t make the top 50, but did hit their top 120.  See 50-120 here

67. Astrid y Gaston, Lima Peru. We went here on the same day as Central, and couldn’t physically fit in another degustation so went ala carte. It was brilliant too. Blog here:



So where’s Australia?

Having dined at many great restaurants around the world, we are still well aware of the amazing quality in our own back yard, Australia has plenty to offer and we hope that those polled for the top 50 list are fortunate enough to have Australia on their list of places to visit and experience more of our quality restaurants too.

Although Australia did not poll in the top 50, there are 2 Aussie restaurants in the top 120. Congratulations to Attica for taking out spot number 84 on the list and to Brae, number 101.




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