Sato Castle Motel

We booked this because we quite like a gimmick (or Sarah does). The reviews were pretty good too. Although it’s a castle hotel and looks like a castle, has a knight opening the gates and fake flame lights, its a fully themed hotel with every room having a different theme.

Whether it be Vegas, sports, Spider-Man, western, you name it they probably have it (51 options). We selected the “Egypt” theme and “mermaid”.

Walking in, it feels a little weird being in a fully themed room, like you have no idea what’s going on outside, you may find it creepy, or cool, that’s depending on you.

The room has quite amazing technology – electronically-controlled room ambiance (from the switchboard next to your bed), LED tv x 2 – one is in the bathroom so you can watch from the jacuzzi.

Both our rooms had jacuzzi and saunas, and one even had a massage bed (to be massaged from the ceiling shower head). Your shower doubles as a sauna. Your toiletries come in a little castle too.

The place is super quiet and we didn’t see many guests. They gave us a breakfast coupon which was nice seeing as though we hadn’t paid for it. Breakfast had hot food, tea and coffee, cereals, bread and steamed buns.

The staff are super eager to please, and as soon as you walk downstairs, they’re ready to give you a key to take out and about (so not to lose it) or organise a cab. Seems like a lot of safety precautions and CCTV footage here. There isn’t really a proper reception lobby area, just somewhere to wait.

If you have a car, you can even drive up right to your own room and park your car (level 4 and 5). There’s washing facilities and a spa (at extra cost).

You room has a kettle, fridge and mini bar – with included crisps and biscuits.

We found this hotel to be a little out of the way of the action, close to the airport but approx 35 on the train to central Taipei.

Sato Castle Motel

No. 75, Jingye Second Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, 104, Taiwan

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