Shampoo with a purpose

In the world of increasing environmental issues and plastics in our oceans, it’s important we begin to take note and do our part to keep this world clean and safe for the oceans, land, animals and ourselves.

Plastics have become convenient for that takeaway coffee or lunch, bottles of household products and basically to package out there. Approx 27 % of the population are purchasing single use plastic bottles on a weekly basis. Unless we make a concerted effort to make an educated choice when shopping, there could be serious effects for our world.

Plastics can take 20-1,000 years to degrade due to the chemicals used in production, posting a threat to the earth’s ecosystem.

How can we tackle this war on waste? All the little things can help. Take reusable containers to work, use a keep cup for your coffee and make smart choices when shopping.

We’re here to inform you of an eco-friendly and Australian made, family-operated soaping mill producing an amazing item called Shampoo with a Purpose. Brought to us by Liz and Geneva, a mother-daughter duo. Liz has been in the body-care industry for nearly 40 years, running Clover Fields; Australia’s oldest family-owned soap mill. They have created naturally formulated, vegan, palm oil free, plastic free and sulphate-free solid cleansing bars in 4 different bars; The O.G., Dry or Damaged, Colour Treated, and Volume catering to those with different hair types. Multi purpose, it can also be used on the body as an all-over wash.

Whilst you might find it weird not to pour your product out of a bottle, you’ll get used to it quickly. The bar lathers up well and super easy to get that product to do the same job as your bottled shampoo.

A great option of those keen to do their part towards environmental sustainability. These bars are an effective and plastic-free alternative to traditional shampoos and conditioners, since they come in paper boxes. The bar can be used for a longer duration than your normal bottle of shampoo as each bar equates to approximately 6 sized bottles.

The bar uses ingredients such as Moroccan Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sandalwood, Seaweed Extract, Ginseng, Sage, Lilly Pilly, Jojoba, Avocado and vitamin-rich, Kakadu Plum. They smell divine and are so smooth and refreshing in the hand and in the hair.

Purchase online or at selected stockists around Australia, each product retails at $15 for a 135g bar.

They also sell a dishwashing block, laundry remedy, stain remover and wooden soap tray.

We all need to make some changes in our life and something this easy really is a no brainer! Make the switch today.

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No Sulphates

No Synthetic Fragrances

No Animal Derivatives

No Harsh Chemicals

No Propylene Glycol

No Artificial Colours

No Triethanolamine


No Parabens

No Harsh Detergents

No Animal Testing

No Palm Oil

No Packaging Waste

For a full list of ingredients, see here:

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