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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is located in a repurposed power station in the heart of Liverpool and is a cultural facility to showcase a range of exhibitions, theatre, music, performance and events. Although the place is not easy to find, we definitely recommend the trek there. There’s also a train station right on site so it’s easy for anyone to get to. We visit every year (and often more than once and we loved it just as much as our previous visits.

The Casula Powerhouse Arts restaurant is called “Bellbird dining and bar”, open 7 days a week from 9am – 3pm.

It is in a small kiosk area that looks like a small cafe, yet they’re pumping out fine dining inspired food from the kitchen, offering seasonal dining, using farm fresh ingredients, the restaurant is promoting sustainability, seasoning their foods with an array of the plentiful herbs and vegetables from their own garden.

Cordon Bleu-trained head chef, Federico Rekowski and sous chef, Steven Pham have complied a beautiful menu highlighting the fresh ingredients. Their menu seasonally changes which means we return regularly. Very friendly and approachable, they make the dining experience personal.

We start with some freshly baked bread and a few new dishes; the grilled figs, as well as the wagyu kangaroo with sweet potato swirls. What stunning works of culinary masterpieces on a plate. They taste incredible – the game meat, mixed with the toppings were brilliant and the creamy figs, so decadent.

With every visit, one of the dishes that stands firm as a favourite is the handmade Ricotta Gnocchi with Field Mushrooms, Enoki Mushroom, Spinach & Truffle Pecorino.

Another popular dish for our family is the Pan Fried Free Ranged Chicken Breast, smokey eggplant purée and lightly fried cauliflower.

A new dish for us, but one we’ll be back for is the NSW South Coast Cuttlefish with Grilled Sweet Corn, Pickled Fennel & Shallots was so light and refreshing with a great combination of flavours.

In addition, we enjoyed the goats cheese fritters, pork and also the steak and a side of okononiyaki fries. These are very moreish, the crispy fries topped with okonomiyaki sauce and dancing fish ‘bonito’ flakes.

Honestly the food here is outstanding. With meals approximately $12-$25 at fine dining quality, you’ll be hard pressed to find much better than this.


1 Powerhouse Road, Casula NSW 2170

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