Joadja Distillery

Joadja Distillery in the Southern Highlands is located about 90 minutes from Sydney on a historic site that was once a mining village. It is apt that this village was worked on by Scottish migrants to produce oil shale and now is a whisky distillery.

Today, the site gives a nod to the Scottish heritage of the area by producing single malt whisky as well as gin, rum, anis, vodka and brandy. If you’re interested in the history of the site, contact Joadja for more details since tours can be arranged.

The distillery is open Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm for whisky and gin tours and tastings.

Run by Elisa and Valero, with their Spanish background have access to quality sherries imported in casks directly from Jerez de la Frontera Spain. They subsequently use their barrels to age their whisky.

The distillery is in a purpose built structure, in keeping with the heritage design of the historic town and it is here that they produce, store and offer tastings.

We did a tasting with Elisa whilst there and they have two new releases to try of their first paddock to bottle whisky releases. Barley in the adjacent fields has been malted for their whiskies.

We began with their bourbon barrel aged whisky aged in ex Woodford reserve casks. The whisky is bottled at 62% and is a powerful beast. With strong toffee, vanilla and spice, flavours that are long lasting. They also have a 64% Woodford reserve bourbon barrel aged whisky, finished in an Oloroso Cask. Although the Abb is higher, the Oloroso cask which seems to mellow out the whisky, which is nice and smooth. The toffee, vanilla and spice thrown in and the sweetness from the Oloroso makes it a unique, complex and tasty whisky. This is due for release next week so keep an eye on their Facebook page or join the mailing list.

We purchased a bottle of their Pedro Ximenez. It was beautifully syrupy sweet with flavours of toffee, caramel and sultanas.

You can also try the rum and anis liqueur or their gin, using native botanicals. They were currently bottling up a new release for the NSW Governor with their botanicals.

It is always great to visit and learn from the distillers. You’ll certainly yourself some quality handcrafted drinks here.

Joadja Distillery

Address:1760 Joadja Road, JOADJA, NSW, 2575


Tel: (02) 4878 5129

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