Wilson – profit for purpose cafe

Only a short stroll from Surry Hills’ favourite Clock Hotel and Messina, you’ll find a warehouse space which houses a “profit for purpose” cafe. All profits are donated to a charity each quarter. Using ethically sourced ingredients to make their coffee and food, this is a socially conscious business.

I loved seeing a pinboard on the counter where people have “paid it forward” and purchased a coffee for someone else, as well as positive messages for others. What a top idea.

The cafe fronts onto a gallery for emerging and unrepresented artists (gallery is closed due to Covid19 is shut at present).

The cafe itself has a super friendly and calming individual, Joaquin behind the counter, hailing from Columbia, he brightly welcomes me and takes and makes the order.

Grab your daily coffee and know you’re helping others at the same time.


30 Richards Lane

Surry Hills

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