Ryan Gozleme Food Truck

Ryan Gozleme Food Truck travels around food festivals, markets and pubs to serve up some damn good Turkish Gozleme. We tried out their food at One Drop Brewery.

The Gozleme menu is extensive with the following choices:

Classic Spinach and Cheese Gozleme

Gourmet Gozleme Veggie

Gourmet Gozleme beef

Ryan – spinach, cheese, mushroom and beef

Turkish sausage – spinach, cheese and authentic Turkish sausage

Mushroom – spinach, cheese and mushroom

Vegan – spinach, mushroom and tomato

They come out piping hot straight off the grill are are delicious!

You can even add fries to your Gozleme for $5!!

In addition to Gozleme, the food truck does burgers; beef and chicken, as well as loaded fries.

The loaded fries have options for three sauces or topped with minced beef. This food is perfect to consume with a beer or two.

And it gets better – they also do dessert; huge baklava and and orange syrup sponge cake called Revani!

Be sure to check out their website to see where they’re popping up next.


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