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With plenty of people prescribing to a vegan and vegetarian diets these days, we’ve seen a rise in meals using tofu, mushrooms and fresh veggies. These are staples across the globe and something that keeps us full and satisfied! We used this trend as inspiration to make a stunning meal with nutritious ingredients.

Spice Tailor produce authentic and tasty Indian food which comes in pre-packaged meal kits ready to easily follow the recipe in three easy steps to produce a restaurant quality Indian meal in 5-15 minutes (depending on the product).

The Spice Tailor kits made it easy for us and we whipped up one of their Dhal packs, sitting it inside a capsicum we roasted. We accompanied this with another of their kits, the tandoori and basted the tofu in the tandoori. For the tandoori can then grill it or bake it, and as it is ready, top with the seasoning blend and serve with chutni. We baked ours and used the tangy seasoning to top it with.

The meal was super quick and easy to cook and we thoroughly enjoyed a healthy and fresh dinner!

For more information

Check out their website for information on more of their products and nutritional values, as well as the history behind the company. The website also has information on recipes that you may like to try. These packs can be found in your large local supermarkets.

The Spice Tailor

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