Dutch whisky tasting by Millstone with The Whisky List

Thanks to The Whisky List, we were able to further expand our whisky horizons with a virtual whisky tasting of product Dutch Distillery, Millstone. Prior to this tasting we were unaware of this Dutch distillery, but they have been around for a while, they were established in 1975 and they produce a quality product. Their whisky is unique with distiller Patrick using the term terroir, a French wine making term which assocites local mocro climate to flavour profiles.

Millstone uses Dutch windmills to mill the grain. Long fermentation temperature controlled to produce mainly malt whisky and some rye. Their whisky has unique orange notes and a luscious creamy mouthfeel, which is said to come from long fermentation and long distillation.

The tasting included the range of whiskies below whiskies and they were all very delicious;

10yr old American Oak 43% mix of Virginia and refill: Vanilla, peach orange, caramel notes.

10 yr French Oak 43%, fruity tannins, spice, root beer, honey, orange rind.

2010 Special 16th release, double sherry cask, olorosso dry oxidised sherry, px sweet oxidised sherry 46%Dried fruits, nutty, sweetness of the PX balanced by the dry nuttiness of the olorosso.

2010 American oak Muscotel the 17th special release, 46% incredibly easy drinking, came about by accident, by purchase of bulk load of sherry cask.

12yr olorosso, the distilleries flagship product has a nutty, mocha, dark chocolate and coffee notes. Very rich tasting.

Millstone 100 rye, distinctive flavour profile, an interesting spicy whisky. 100% Virginia oak, fruity, orange notes.

We recommend you check out the Whisky List and order a pack to try for yourself!


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