Urbn Surf @ Tullamarine

Visiting Urbn surf involved 2 firsts; hiring a Go Get vehicle and surfing a man made wave. I was visiting Melbourne for 2 days for work and was keen to get an early surf in before work, as I usually do but Melbourne isn’t known for their city beaches. I didn’t have a car and needed to get from South Melbourne to Tullamarine to fulfil this desire. That’s where Go Get comes in handy, I hired the car for 3 hours. With Go Get you are charged by the hour, so I picked the car up few blocks from where I was staying which was way cheaper and more convenient than hiring a car or booking an Uber or taxi.

With almost an hour drive each way for a 6am timeslot at Urbn surf wave pool, was it worth it?
I’d say yes, I hired all of the gear, a wetsuit and surfboard and purchased a towel. The wetsuit was a little tight. They had some decent equipment, I chose an epoxy JS raging bull, the fins were a little small and the board slid out a fair bit, I am not generally a fan of epoxy boards and this was re-enforced by the advanced turn wave. Although the equipment was not ideal for this session, it was still fun. For the second half of the session, the wave turns into a barrel, a mini slab. The hired board, the epoxy JS raging bull worked well. The take off seemed easier and just had to put the board in the right position for the barrel.

The advanced session goes for an hour, about 15-20 people in the water. Tip, the first wave and last 2 waves of each set of waves don’t have as much power, make sure you are a few metres in front of the usual take-off spot. Don’t get too close to the wall when paddling out, you will get sucked towards the grate and can ding your board or yourself. If hiring equipment, check it thoroughly, like hiring a car they have you colour in the bits that are already damaged/repairs, just colour in all of the rails on the sheet, might save you some cash.

Urban Surf also has 3 Blue Ducks on site, this is restaurant/Cafe where you can grab a bite to eat, a coffee or alcoholic beverage. Since I surfed the 6am sesh and had to be in the office, I grabbed a coffee on my way.

Overall it’s a great experience, albeit a bit costly, but certainly something to try! Be sure to book far ahead of time as it does book out. There’s also different levels to suit your ability.


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