Shopping for the grandkids with Urban Ethos

By choosing the right products when shopping, you are paving your way to a more sustainable future, one that can impact everyone for years to come.

The Urban Ethos brand have developed products with the highest level of eco certification. This means that they are environmentally friendly and have zero negative impact on our environment. Why would you purchase anything else?

There’s so much in the range for your kitchen, bathroom and you can feel good knowing you’re limiting your environmental footprint. We’ve got 100% bamboo premium toilet paper
an Eco Turtles Bathroom Eco Cleaning Tablet
and Eco Turtles Bathroom 750ml Reusable Spray Bottle for the bathroom.

For around the house we’ve also got Large SugarWrap Eco Rubbish Bags, Eco Cling Wrap – Recyclable, SugarWrap Sandwich Zipper Bag
and a Shop For Your Grandkids’ Tote.

All of this comes in their shop for your grandkids bundle.

Remember when you’re our next to consider not only yourself, but your family, the future and the planet.

Urban Ethos

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