Whisky Loot – tasting pack and subscription service

This month we had the opportunity to try “whisky loot”, a tasting pack of 3 whiskies brought to us by “Liquor Loot”.

Liquor Loot is an alcohol subscription services with two aspects of their service; Whisky Loot & Gin Loot. The service delivers to you three premium and hand-selected whisky and gin tasters from around the world each month, giving you the opportunity to try different products you may otherwise not taste and find some new favourites. Try new regions, flavour profiles and gain some new knowledge along the way.

Whether you’re new to whisky or an old connoisseur, you’ll find something to suit your fancy with over 36 types to try.

Order for yourself or as a gift with free delivery and a gift card if not yourself. Your subscription service also includes distillery notes and tasting videos.

Ranging from $79 – $499 depending on the whisky or style of subscription, we encourage you to check out the website to find your preference. There’s no commitment as you can cancel, pause or skip a box at any time.

We tried the Australian tasting pack with some of Australia’s up and coming small-batch distilleries including 1 x Upshot Australian Whisky, 1 x Corowa Characters Wine Cask Single malt, and 1 x Starward Two-Fold Double grain blended. All together a good mix of Australian small batch whisky, very approachable and a good range of spirit, cask finishes and flavors.

One of our favourite Aussie distilleries we were happy to see in the mix, was the Corowa Characters Wine Cask. This single malt has floral notes to it, buttery cream on the nose, taste of vanilla and honeycomb, finishing off with the bitter chocolate flavour, a characteristic we love about Corowa whisky. A delicious whisky and our pick of the bunch, very drinkable.

The Upshot Australian Whisky, made from a mixture of West Australian grains corn wheat and barley replicates a wheated bourbon style, with low an ABV of 43%, with vanilla notes on the nose from the American oak, to taste unique pear notes followed by sweet vanilla custard and spice enjoyable and again very approachable.

The Starward Two-Fold Double is a revolutionary Australian whisky produced from grain from Victoria malted barley and wheat, Hence the name Two Fold. This is an affordable Australian whisky priced under $100 putting it in the realm off a daily drinker. The starward Distillery is known for ageing their spirit in Australian wine casks, two fold being aged in red wine casks. This Whisky has the lowest ABV at 40%, also easy drinking and approachable for those new to whisky. The has hints of banana bread, toffee, and vanilla, with a finishing of cinnamon.

We had a good experience trying the tasting pack and encourage you to try for yourself.

Whisky Loot


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