The Whisky List – launch of STARWARD Project X+6

Thanks to The Whisky List, (TWL) we participated in a special tasting which was hosted online, for STARWARD and the launch of STARWARD Project X + 6. This is a special limited edition release, specifically bottled for the Whisky List.

This was a very unique experimental whisky. It is produced from Starwards Project X which is a whisky without colour, a clear liquid but aged in American oak barrels for 6 years. For Project X + 6, in 2014 the white whisky was again barrelled, this time into a 100L charred American Oak, red wine barrel from the Barossa Valley. This made for an incredibly unique limited release of 60 bottles non chill filtered at 58% ABV and in 700ml bottles.

This whisky is so unique, that it sent the brain into a spin, many tasting notes coming to mind, trying to pick the flavours. Rum and raisin was quite prominent, we picked up root beer flavours and Dr Pepper came to mind, as well as Italian Meringue.

This release is so limited that not everyone could secure a bottle. We were lucky enough to be invited to sample this whisky as part of TWL breakeven whisky tasting. We have now participated in a few online tasting events hosted by TWL, all very well organised and giving an opportunity to interact directly with the distillers. If you are a whisky lover or want to learn more, these tasting events hosted by TWL are highly recommended.

In addition to the Project X + 6 there were 3 of Starwards core range and an Apera cask barrel sample. The whiskies sampled were unique all aged in wine casks.

Two-Fold 40% is a revolutionary double grained whisky of wheat and barley, aged in red wine casks. This allowed for a consistent affordable whisky as part of Starwards core range. We also tried this whisky with a can of FeverTree Tonic for a refreshing highball style drink. One for the gin and tonic fans out there, looking to expand their palate to whisky.

Nova 41% ABV is another of the core range, easy drinking with a citrus flavour profile of sweet mandarin and marmalade.

Fortis 50% ABV is another citrus profile, but amped up. With tasting notes of grapefruit, bitterness of campari, with hints of vanilla and a bit of peppery spice

Apera Barrel 59.9%, called the WIP. This is a release from Starward that allows the distillers to experiment and get creative. This version was an Australian sherry cask, 30-40 year old cask sourced from McMillan’s. This fortified wine cask infuses flavours of Banana and plums. It has a nutty flavour and there are also hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Overall, it was a great night online with like minded people, eager to sample the products and learn more!

We recommend you check out the Whisky List for their upcoming small batch whisky releases, these guys know their stuff and secure great small batch whisky and bring it to the people. The team at the whisky list also put on some great virtual tastings, if you would like to expand your whisky knowledge and try sample new whiskies, their online tasting events are definitely recommended. The Whisky list website is also a great resource if you are looking to purchase some whisky.

Their search function helps in many ways, they compare the pricing from a number of sites to help you secure the best deal. There are also many great search suggestions including; gift ideas, special occasion bottles, recommended whiskies at a certain price point and so on. Free subscription, if you enjoy a dram it is well worth subscribing to The Whisky List.

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