Father’s Day with Whisky Loot

Father’s Day is coming up, and these days you’ve got to get in early and order ahead. Being in lockdown, most of us will be unable to see Dad and so we found the new initiative by Whisky Loot called ‘Drinks with Dad’ to be a great way to share the day together.

You can purchase a tasting pack duo of the same box of three tasters from Whisky Loot and deliver to two addresses (yours and your Dad’s), and then share a call over the phone or via zoom and walk through the tasting together.

Each Whisky Loot Pack contains three 60ml tasters with expert tasting notes to help understand and appreciate the aroma, taste and unique finish each whisky has to offer. This gives you the opportunity to try different products from new regions and flavour profiles and gain some new knowledge along the way.

We’ve experienced whisky tasting packs before, and find it a great way to find new favourites. Its such a great idea that Whisky Loot is offering an initiative where you can complete the tasting with Dad or your father figure this Father’s Day.

We celebrated our Father’s Day early, trying Australian tasting pack with some of Australia’s up and coming small-batch distilleries including 1 x Upshot Australian Whisky, 1 x Corowa Characters Wine Cask Single malt, and 1 x Launceston Distillery Double cask. All together a good mix of Australian small batch whisky, very approachable and a good range of spirit, cask finishes and flavors.

One of our favourite Aussie distilleries we were happy to see in the mix, was the Corowa Characters Wine Cask. This single malt has floral notes to it, buttery cream on the nose, taste of vanilla and honeycomb, finishing off with the bitter chocolate flavour, a characteristic we love about Corowa whisky. A delicious whisky and our pick of the bunch, very drinkable.

When you order the Father’s Day pack, you can select from different packs, whether it be;
Single Malt Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Japanese, Australian or American.

We think this is a great gift and we encourage you to check out the website for more details.

All subscriptions redeemed between August 16 and 22 September will receive a free Glencairn nosing glass.

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