Seafood works @ San Souci

Seafood works is a seafood shop in a side street, just off Rocky Point Road. The shop is currently operating takeaway; both fresh and cooked options.

The seafood restaurant would also be nice to dine in, the space filled with light and featuring a lovely blue maritime themed mural on the back wall.

The front counter showcases their fresh seafood and a big menu for to peruse and make your order. Specialising in fried or grilled fish ’n’ chips and grilled seafood packages.

We ordered the BBQ grilled platter with grilled fish, prawns, calamari, scallops, mussels and chips. We enjoyed this and felt it was a decent serving for the price.

Seafood works
Shop 3 & 4, 363 Rocky Point Road, Cnr Bonney Street
Sans Souci NSW 2219

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  1. online seafood says:

    I’m impressed with the seafood selection in a carryout restaurant like this one. All the seafood you picked out looks so fresh and tasty. I don’t have a place like that near me, so I will often order my seafood online. 

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