Charcoal Fish

We’ve been wanting to try Charcoal fish for as long as we knew it would be opening. Being out of the 5k, we had to wait til now to go. But it was worth the wait.

Charcoal Fish is a fish and chip shop which has been brought to us by Josh Niland of Saint Peter. For those like us that don’t want to spend all your hard earned dollars on meal or you’re finding it hard at Saint Peter to get a booking, here you can get a taste of his fish in a quick and convenient way at Charcoal Fish. Whilst Charcoal Fish is pricier than your regular fish and chips, you’re certainly paying for quality.

The shop is highlighting one of Australia’s great fish, the Murray cod. This is sold as fried fish, grilled, they even sell grilled cod wings and yellowfin tuna cheeseburgers. We find the fish to be a favourite of our, it is tender and flaky and is cooked well over the grill. The grilled piece was incredible, soft and juicy with a light crispy skin.

In addition there’s a bunch of hot or cold salads/veggies, fries and you can even get a rotisserie cod, gravy, skin and stuffing roll.

We also tried the decent sized wings, with a nice light char. The wings come as a serving of two.

They also sell wine, cocktails and sodas.

We went on a quiet weekday but have seen there to be huge lines on a weekend.

Takeaway only at the moment

Charcoal Fish

670 New South Head Road, Rose Bay


12 noon – 3pm
5pm- 8:30pm

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