Anything But Humble

We had been seeing the pies from Anything but Humble pop up on our Insta feed for a while now, but with a small baby and Covid regulations, we hadn’t got the chance to visit until now.

Alexandria’s neighbourhood pie shop is much more than that. Whilst it’s a small hole in the wall joint, this shop is pumping and selling the most incredible pies and sausage rolls that you have ever seen or tasted.

As you walk in, you smell the aromas and spy the trolley with shelves of pies and crispy pastry layers. We try the pork belly, roasted apple, crackling pie that sees an incredible crispy pastry exterior filled with a super tasty mix of tender pork that has been slow braised for two days with cider and homemade chicken stock, roasted apple cinnamon and then the pie is topped with a crispy piece of crackling.

We also tried the 3 cheese, truffle and cauliflower pie. They roast their cauliflower in butter and then add a three cheese truffle sauce made with Monterey Jack, aged cheddar and parmesan, topped with a garlic breadcrumb. It held together nicely and the truffle flavour was beautiful and the breadcrumbs gave it good texture.

After having the pork belly and also the cauliflower pies, we had the scents and feeling of a wonderful roast dinner.

The store also has a range of other pies we need to return for, including
original beef
beef, habanero, bacon, cheese,
chicken, tarragon
Beef Rendang
chipotle black bean, sour cream

The store also sells sausage rolls. We tried their cheeseburger sausage roll, which has got to be one of the biggest sausage rolls you’ve ever seen. The buttery and flaky crust filled with a mix that reflects everything about your favourite cheeseburger; meat, sauce, mustard and pickles. The inside was moist and not dry at all, making for the perfect sausage roll.

We think these pies are some of the best out there and 100 recommend you need to visit pronto.

Anything But Humble
Shop 2/133-137 Mitchell Rd
Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Friday – Sunday

Goodies were gifted to Thewhereto

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