Southie Coffee House

Southie Coffee House is located in Camden South in a small bank of shops in a suburban area. A casual shop with a few tables to dine in. Bright and light interior with wooden tables and chairs.

Beautiful specialty coffee, made using White Horse beans. We’ve basically had every coffee on the menu, latte, flat white, espresso, and a baby chino too.

Food wise, it’s only sweet treats like cake, morning scrolls, pies and sausage rolls by Flour Water Salt bakery. But, it’s easy to grab a snack if you’re on the go. They also sell bread by Kirrawee bakery Thoroughbread.

Service is always prompt and friendly.

Southie Coffee House

54 Flinders Ave

Camden South


Mon – Fri 6am-1pm

Sat 7.30am-1pm

Sun 8am-12pm

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