New Black Star flavours

Black Star Pastry, makers of the internationally famed and instagrammable Strawberry Watermelon Cake now have some new flavour offerings in addition to this.

The ever popular strawberry watermelon cake is a creamy yet refreshing cake, which consists of layers of cream infused with rose water spread between almond dacquoise (nut meringue) and slices of watermelon and topped with strawberries, grapes and rose petals.


Their new flavours include: the ‘Mango Yuzu’ and ‘Zen Cheesecake’. The Mango Yuzu is a seven layer cake, made with coconut, fresh mango and mango pudding, sago and mousse, all topped with yuzu jelly and a golden pineapple flower.

The Zen Cheesecake will remind you of one of those peaceful Japanese meditation gardens, complete with a little ‘rock stack’. The base sees a charcoal milk chocolate feuilletine with layers of cream cheese with Shiro miso and black sesame.

We recommend you heading into Black Star to sample one of these delicious cakes! Black Star have locations around Sydney, Melbourne and also in China! This December they also released a new style and logo which is super cool!

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