Gucci Garden Archetypes @ Powerhouse Museum

On now until 15 Jan, the Powerhouse Museum has an exhibition titled “Gucci Garden Archetypes”.

It is an immersive, multi sensory multimedia exhibition with multiple rooms for visitors to walk through. Enter into a dark room with pink walls plush pink carpet and read up about the exhibition or scan your QR code for an audio walk through.

The exhibition showcases what inspired some of their advertising campaigns as envisioned by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

A few of the rooms were “Dionysus dance”, “Tokyo Lights” and you can even walk through a fake train compartment that inspired “urbanromanticismfallwinter2015”. My favourite was the #guccicollectorsfallwinter2018 with walls of mirrors and collections of clocks, toys, crockery and handbags.

It’s a well devised exhibition and fun even to take the kids along to. Even better, it’s free!

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