Munich Brauhaus

The Munich Brauhaus, The Rocks, back in my party days was the Lowenbrau, somewhere I frequently visited for a massive beer, massive schnitzel and a bit of a dance. Now, it’s the Munich Brauhaus and it has a similar concept with the beer hall and picnic table arrangement. We wouldn’t probably frequent this type of venue anymore with a small child and we tend to eat smaller portions and lighter food. However, we were in the Rocks, we were hungry and when passing by the outdoor diners, the food looked awesome. We had a good experience.

The Munich Brauhaus is a German inspired “Beer Hall” kinda venue with German food, imported German beer and hosts that wear a Ledenhosen. It even hosts a traditional Oktoberfest style experience annually.

The venue was busy and loud, with lots of atmosphere. This is perfect for us with a loud and excitable child. We shared our long table with a German couple and offered advice about Sydney travelling. We took their advice and ordered a pretzel and massive pork knuckle. This came, fork upright, crunchy crackling and sitting on mashed potato and sauerkraut. It was a great meal and super super filling.

I wanted chicken but opted for the less fried, a naked chicken breast, marinated lightly. I asked for greens which were nicely steamed, but it also had a really delicious creamy garlic potato side.

The menu is wide, with typical German fare and everything is definately on the massive side. There’s huge platters so it’s also a good place for parties and sharing.

We enjoyed some beers, naturally, being in a beer house. They also have wines if you prefer.

Be sure to pay the Munich Brauhaus a visit if you’re in the Rocks. Go with empty bellies!

Munich Brauhaus

L2 Cleland Bond Building,
33 Playfair Street,
The Rocks, Sydney 2000

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