Yan Restaurant @ Wolli Creek

Yan’s is a contemporary Singaporean/Chinese neighbourhood restaurant that focuses around the idea of smoked foods (“yan” means smoke in Mandarin). We’ve been wanting to go for a while now and glad to have finally found the time.

Located in a ground-floor corner space of a residential building in Wolli Creek, its minimalist furnishings and visible kitchen gives a casual feel to it. If you want to try all their offerings, probably best to opt for a banquet, otherwise we’re sure it could easily get pricy. And since all the food is so good, a banquet is the best way to try it all (or at least a good majority).

The Banquet menu featured the following foods and everything certainly had flavour in spades:

The Smoked prawn was a first, a the smokey flavour was a good combination with with sweet flesh of the seafood.

• Fried Squid with Black Pepper Sauce and Cucumber

• Fried Tofu was a flavour bomb, the crisp batter on the Tofu and soft inner, topped with a sweet Peanut Sauce and a bit of spice from the Sze Chuan Pepper.

• The Smoked Katsu Chicken, was made amazing by the 2 sauces that accompanied the chicken. Both sauces were quite different, feeling like you had 2 meals in one. The Chinese BBQ Sauce quite sweet in flavour and we loved the Cracked Pepper Mayo, this was super smokey and delicious.

• Hand made steamed bao we’re perfect to pack the meat onto and to devour.

• Smoked Pork Cutlet, Sticky Soy Glaze, Calvo Nero and a whole Egg Yolk was our favourite of the the mains, all flavours worked well with the egg yolk bringing them together.

• Beef short ribs, sautéed kale, sansho may look quite simple on the plate, but the beef was perfectly cooked and we enjoyed the smoke infused meat.

• We also opted for a side of the olive rice, a good vessel for added flavour, to the other dishes on the table.

• The dessert donut that we opted for was something we were glad we did, nothing quite like a fresh cinnamon doughnut and the Condensed Milk Custard was superb.

Overall, an excellent meal and we’d be glad to return!

Yan’s Asian Smokehouse

19 Arncliffe St,
Wolli Creek, NSW 2205


Open Wednesday-Saturday
(Last orders 8.30PM)

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