Bar Lucio @ Queens Park

Bar Lucio of Kensington has now opened a another outlet in the leafy Birrell Street in what is listed as Queens Park, though its Bondi Junction to me (a street back from Eastgate) The small cafe is aesthetically pleasing and inviting with its bright white painted walls, white and blue tiles, and matching coloured chairs. They hope that soon they’ll be approved to have seating out the front for customers and their furry friends.

The cafe sells great coffee, freshly baked foccacia, sandwiches and amazing pastry goods. There’s bombolini, croissants and freshly piped sfogliatelle (shell shaped pastry filled with ricotta, chocolate or custard creme).

They have some dine in options including scrambled eggs, avo on toast, some salads and even specials of the day. I enjoyed their freshly made frittata. It was nice and light and creamy; made with parmesan, zucchini and mushroom and served with a slice of sourdough.

Staff are super friendly, and it was lovely to meet and talk to Harley and Lucio. Wishing them all the best with this new store and given that I work locally, I’ll be sure to return.

Bar Lucio

59 Birrell Street

Kensington NSW 2022


Mom-Fri: 6:30m-3pm

Sat-Sun: 7am-3m

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