High West Whiskey

We attended High West Whiskey Dining Experience, hosted by Hinchcliffe House in the Sydney CBD. It was perfect for whiskey aficionados or those new to the spirit, as High West’s master distiller Brendan Coyle took all guests though an educated experience whilst tasting the whiskey.

Founded in 2006 by David and Jane Perkins, High West Whiskey became the first legal distillery in Utah since 1870. The brand moved to Park City, where they embarked on distilling in 2007, quite experimental since they distilled their own and blended their whiskeys with whiskey from other distilleries.

We also had a delicious 4 course dinner, with the Lana restaurant matching courses to the whiskeys.

First Course: High West Double Rye

Corn bisque clam chowder, crab meat (served in shot glass). A delicious chowder, plenty of flavour from the corn and a surprise of crab in the bottom of the glass. The double rye is a blend of two young ryes and plenty of honey and spice, cinnamon, star anise and it paired well, a good contrast to the chowder.

Second Course: High West Bourbon

The torched whiskey glazed salmon crudo, cucumber, buttermilk & sorrel was another dish that paired well, nice and delicate. Bourbon was sweet with strong vanilla notes.

Third Course: High West Double Rye Tawny Port Barrel Select

The Brooklyn Valley pasture fed strip loin was amazing, super tender, with a whiskey jus and broadleaf rocket. The paired whiskey, another blended rye again, had a good spice and saw Christmas fruit cake flavours coming through.

Fourth Course: High West Campfire

For dessert, the Chocolate, whiskey and wattleseed tart was wonderful. A crisp pastry with nice rich flavours, matched with a bold pleated whiskey, blended with an unnamed pleated whiskey from Scotland.

This was the perfect way to enjoy the products with a bunch of Iike minded people, eat delicious food and learn more about High West Whiskey.

Hinchcliff House

 5-7 Young St

Sydney NSW 2000


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