Melbourne cafe scene comes to Sydney

Featuring 5 Senses coffee,Food by Mctavish and Shortstop doughnuts.

A pop up bringing some of Melbournes cafe culture to Sydney; featuring 5 senses coffee food by Mctavish and Short stop Doughnuts. It was great to have these guys pop up at an old warehouse space in Kippax St Surry Hills.

The coffee by 5 senses was amazing especially the Geisha variety. The guys from 5 senses are very passionate and knowledgable about their coffee, they explained details on the coffee and how it was processed. I ordered the filtered Geisha coffee tasting paddle. The coffee fruit/bean being processed in 3 differnt ways. The coffee is filtered with 1 part coffee and 15 parts water.

First up is the Luito Geisha going through a washed process with the outer cherry removed. The flavour was nice, slightly bitter, but smooth to drink and wasn’t what you wiuld expect from a black coffee. The coffee had a lime like taste with a slight bitterness


Next was the El Burro Geisha, this is coffee was processed with the outer cherry giving an added sweetness complex  flavour. There were strawberry and vanilla undertones. A very nice coffee, maybe a little pricey to be my everyday drinker.

The last option being the Elida Cascara we are informed is more like a tea made from the outer cherry. This variety was sweet, fruity and delicate; No hint of coffee at all, but as we were informed this is more a tea.


The food was produced by Mctavish of The kettle black, we were very pleased to see this as the cafe was closed when we were last lin Melbourne. We share the Hotcakes which came out looking like a muffin/pancake hybrid. The food was presented nicely and tasted as good as it looked. This was a great sweet breakfast option, with fresh berries and cream. There was also a hint of lemon which added some oomph.


We also shared the hanger steak with dried mushrooms, coffeeand burnt onion on sour dough. This was ridiculously good. The steak was melt in your mouth tender with the flavour and texture of the dried mushrooms and the sweetness of the burnt onions. The best steak sandwich I have tried.


Shortstop doughnuts also had some amazing looking doughnuts and are doing well at their Barangaroo site


We are hoping that this test in the Sydney market was favourable for 5 sesnses and Mctavish, as both of these ventures would be a welcome addition to the Sydney cafè scene.


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